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Some articles about the practical use of EFT
and some personal stuff.

Putting it off.
For now just consider that if you are putting things off that you consciously say you need to do or want to do and find yourself procrastinating then at some level of mind you really do not want to do it, some part of you is fighting against it at a subconscious level.
Music does more than make you feel good.
Watch what you listen to.
Do you want to remove painful memories?
Clean up your past.
Using emotional freedom techniques to dissolve fears and anxieties about travel.

Help with the fear of flying in Warwickshire UK.
I use a mixture of hypnosis, NLP and EFT to help my clients to overcome what they often think is a fear of flying. Sometimes it is real, often other reasons are the cause of the symptoms they are experiencing.
EFT for weight loss in Warwickshire.
Our government is in a mess, so is our health service, things are changing. Many people are overweight, some are obese, and obesity is a growing problem in Warwickshire. In the old days, the government would look after you but as I said things are changing.
What happens when you have been doing eft for a few years or can happen.
Have you ever wondered what happens after a few years of doing EFT.
What are self-confidence and esteem?
The relationship you have with yourself.
Student problems being at University.
Many young people have problems being at University, and as the support systems get better, it seems as if a growing number of young men and women are seeking help to overcome them. Sometimes you have to go outside the usual support systems to get effective and fast relief.
Playing at being a Pussy Cat.
A fun technique in creative visualisation.
Help with Worry and Worrying Use EFT.
Many people worry, and you can learn to stop it.
Skype sessions using EFT.
How emotional freedom techniques are being used over the internet. To allow clients to gain the benefits of experienced practitioners.

Fear and being afraid of building a website.
Many people have problems building a website, it is not as easy as the companies tell you it is. Are you procrastinating over your site, never seem to get it done. You can learn how to end self-sabotage on website building today.

Are we setting up our children for a fall?

Microburst Habits. Unconscious competence.
With practice, our brains and bodies are able to do some amazing things, when something becomes a habit and we become unconsciously competent our subconscious mind is able to run a habit faster so that it takes place in an instant and requires no conscious effort or thought. Much of how we live and our lifestyle choices are made at this level.

Attracting Trouble.

How to get ill.

Children come first.
Why it might not be a good idea to put children first.

Don’t Do It.

It's the truth I just made it up.
Questioning your assumptions in EFT.

You shall love your neighbour as yourself.

Why We Tap Along With Clients.
Ever wondered why we tap with our clients.
Self Sabotage Can Ae a Good Thing.

I Don't Want To Do It. Ecology Check Self Sabotage and EFT.

Why you should not use
Why it may not be suitable or work for you.

Stress can make you really dumb.
Ever wondered why you do stupid things when stressed.

Stress and Your Health

Psychological Reversal Procrastination and Self Sabotage.
In emotional freedom therapy.
Psychological reversal is merely subconscious sabotage. Well, not really.

When EFT Does Not Work.
So what is going on when this happens?

EFT While Cycling.
Removing neck and shoulder pain and learning a whole lot more.
I could have stopped and done some exercise on the side of the road, but had to get back to do a skype session with a client from Germany so decided to press on. I started a "Transderivational Search" and asked my control level of mind my subconscious.

Hypnosis and EFT.
When you first think of EFT, you may not see the connection with hypnosis, yet the two are entwined.
They happily nestle and sleep with each other all the time along with NLP.

Sex and EFT How you can improve your sex life with EFT.
As most people want to feel good, experience happiness, enjoy deep intimacy and love.
Then looking at what may be getting in the way is essential to you and your partner or partners.

EFT and Your Subconscious Control Mind.
Emotional Freedom Therapy and Techniques EFT is all about your subconscious mind. That beautiful part of you that makes up most of who and what you are maybe over ninety per cent.

Reduce Your Stress and Stresses.
EFT can be a remarkably effective way for you to handle stress in your life.
Stress plays a big part in our lives, and we do need a certain amount to grow and sometimes get motivated, however, too much of it or the wrong sort can be devastating in our lives.

EFT for Children Kids and Parents.
Discover if emotional freedom techniques may help resolve your child's emotional problems and fears.

Business and EFT.
We are coming up to that time of the year again when we have to submit our accounts to the Inland Revenue, The End Of The Current Financial Year. The time when we are held accountable not only to the tax man but to our families friends and our selves.

EFT Removes Fear of Putting Contact Lenses in and Removing them.
I decided to try using contact lenses last week after realising that it would be difficult to get some prescription cycling glasses without spending a fortune. It is always sensible to use glasses when cycling, it stops the wind, prevents fly's going in your eyes and also improves your visibility.

Inner Child. Don't let your Inner Kid run your life.
If you tap in on the internet my inner child or an inner kid, you will find many pages and articles about your inner child.
The majority deal with all the lovely beautiful aspects of kids. You know all the good stuff, love, innocence, joy like quality the smiles and giggles.

Help with Exam Stress Nerves and Anxiety.
Exam stress nerves and worry effects many thousands of people often long before they have to take the test. Your own mind and lack of emotional and mental control begin to mess you up. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Habits and Autopilot Responses.
Until we know what we are doing habitually and on autopilot, we have no choices. Habits and Autopilot Responses are crucial for your survival, thousands of everyday tasks you do without even thinking about them and this allows you to go through your everyday life attending to all the things you have to do on a daily basis.

How to Do Basic EFT.
How to Do Basic EFT Technique and Tapping Sequence. Explanation, video and podcast.

Excel at Sports Self Hypnosis MP3.
I recently decided to get back into training in a more significant way and began to look at peoples hypnosis recording to help with specifically with my cycling and martial arts training.

Less Stress.
If you are someone who gets angry and upset by other people and annoyed and stressed a lot you may find this page of interest. Letting other people, especially strangers control and have the remote control for your life is not a good thing.

Writings on The Walls.
I believe it was Gary Craig who came up with this term, "Writings on you Walls". It is a straightforward way to understand how our past conditioning effects us on a daily basis even if you don't know you are doing it, it is an unconscious process after all.

Negative Self Hypnosis.
Negative self-hypnosis is a massive problem for most people and creates many problems for them in life. Many of the issues that therapists see on a daily basis are often caused by the clients themselves due to a few very simple misunderstandings and not being aware of their own power to influence themselves.

Internal Dialogue.
Our internal dialogue is compelling it will affect how we interact with the world and how we view ourselves, some people don't even know they have one, but most people are aware of it and the effects it has on their lives, usually in a negative way.

Enjoying Insomnia.
I have recently been playing with insomnia and learning a great deal about myself and what it can mean to be unable to get to sleep at night. Now, you might think it strange that an experienced therapist would experience this glitch.

Do you want to learn how to relax deeply? We all experience stress in our lives, and it is part of what we need to grow and live, it becomes a problem when we fail to recognise it and take action to learn how to reduce it and improve from experience.

Stuff I use to get to sleep and beat insomnia.
Sometimes in my life, I have had insomnia when I could not get to sleep and tossed and turned and just could not relax. At other times it was caused by pain or illness, and that changed the equation and what I did about it. At other times it was caused by worry and anxiety or grief when someone had died. Then there were sleepless nights caused by environmental factors.

Overcoming Insomnia. Help with sleeping problems.
Many people suffer from the symptoms of insomnia at some time in their life, and it is not uncommon to have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep for a few nights, we all at some time get our sleep disrupted and failed to get a good nights sleep, and it will cause us little harm.

How to keep your new year's resolutions using EFT.
We are coming up to that traditional time in the year when people begin to think about new years resolutions and changes they would like to make in the new year. Millions of people want to make a difference and plan to be different. However, very few will achieve what they say they want.

Two Fat Friends.
I am not being hard and horrible, but you don't just wake up one morning, and God has put three stone on you just for fun, do you?

Jellyfish is an expression used by some advanced EFT practitioners to describe a client who has an external locus of control. They are people who act emotionally and practically in life as if they are jellyfish adrift in the ocean with little control over where they go or what happens to them. They will often blame others for their life and what has happened to them, how they are and what they choose to do and how they live.

How to remove over a thousand annoyances frustrations and emotional problems in a year.
It may seem impossible, and many just will not believe it, (if that's you tap on it} however it's right for me and can be for you. It only requires a bit of effort and raising your standards and self-worth along with learning to love and care for yourself.

Does EFT Become a Subconscious Process with Practice?
Most people just use emotional freedom techniques to remove a problem and get on with their lives, yet it has so much more to offer when used at advanced levels. A while back I began to get reports from clients who had continued to use EFT regally after the original problem had gone.

Why you should learn to fly.
Self-discovery and mastery are only two parts of it, learning to face your fears and get outside of your comfort zones are the most significant bonuses.

Excuses and Rationalisation.
All excuses we make are lies that we tell ourselves and choose to believe.

EFT Mind Maps.
A great way to uncover your hidden glitches, faster and more effective than just making notes.

Personal Responsibility.
If it is not up to you then who? Taking responsibility for your life is often very difficult for the timid souls.

Instant Panic Evaporates.
A pilot overcomes his fear of flying and stops a panic attack dead in its tracks.

Real Life Personal Effective Self Defence.
What it really is not what you think it may be.

Provocative Therapy.
An advanced emotional freedom application for helping clients to reframe their situation.

Handle it.
An attitude that is key to all survival and to removing being a victim.

Ecology Check.
The importance of running one before you begin to make any desired change.

Personal Training in EFT.
Speeding things up sometimes you just need someone who knows where to hit the pipe with a hammer.

A cyclist uses EFT to turn off the pain of stinging nettles, very quickly.

Turbocharge Your EFT Practice.
These self-hypnosis MP3’s will accelerate your development.

What do you do when the problem has gone.


Enhance the Quality of Your Life with EFT.

Flying Fear.
A fear of flying is very realistic about an aircraft flying as it was designed to.

Using an EFT Diary.
A useful way to remove hundreds of everyday problems and track your progress.

Secondary Gain.
What really stops EFT working. Your subconscious control mind has other games to play.

Surrogate EFT.
Using an interesting emotional freedom technique for helping others.

Fat Cyclist.
Using emotional freedom techniques to help a guy who was overweight.

Fat Bike Rider.
He returns for his second session and makes more discoveries.

Cyclist loses weight.
Session three no longer an unhappy fat cyclist now far happier.

Overcoming Cycling Fear Part 1.
Overcoming cycling fears and anxiety of riding a new bike. I bought a new bike and it scares me.

Using EFT to Overcome Fears and Anxieties of Cycling. Part 2.
Often when we choose outcomes and desire at a conscious level, however a whole load of emotional issues then crop up and often, we listen to the little voices in our minds and get painful negative emotions flowing through our bodies that put us off.

Overcome Cycling Fear. Part 3.
Using emotional freedom techniques to uncover what was limiting cycling performance.Technique for uncovering “hidden drivers” and “outdated subconscious programs” and other negative emotional twitches and glitches I had.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to Overcome Fears and Anxieties of Cycling. Part 4.
I always like to start with something that is often overlooked “common sense and reality checker” it also allows us to reduce some of the things we have to do and clear the decks of many of the minor concerns.

EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding. Part 5.
Picking up my new bike, by the time I got home I was wondering if I had made a big mistake.

EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding. Part 6.
This is part six of overcoming my fear of riding a new Trek Road bike I had bought, and this part deals with the deeper issues I had about enjoying cycling and also led to uncovering some emotional issues I now realise had been limiting my life especially safety and physical health.

EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding. Part 7.
A big one was a fear of falling off and re-injuring my back. As an experienced therapist I had some good tools at my disposal and had decided to tackle my own little glitches.

EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding. Part 8.
This is the last part of my journey to uncovering personal subconscious incongruence and secondary gain that over my life had been limiting me and in this case preventing me from gaining the greatest pleasures from riding my new road bike and cycle training.

Martial Arts EFT.
It's angle from a martial arts instructor.

Transderivational Search.
A smart way to use your brain.

EFT Mac.
Turning off the frustration and stress of my mac playing up and discovering what I have to change.

Using EFT to help fix a Mac.
Using an EFT angle to do what was necessary to get my computer systems working as I wanted.

Tell it as it is.
When using EFT, you have to tell it as it is for excellent results, no pussyfooting around. This may well require some self-honesty.

Clearing the undergrowth.
Often when we want to plan design a new garden to make it beautiful we have a lot of undergrowth and weeds to remove, it's the same with designing your life.

Misunderstands with Dad.
Clearing problems with my father uncovering my misunderstandings and improving our relationship.

Coming off Autopilot.
Change your habitual responses being aware that you are doing this will help you to become more active with your EFT.

Personal Peace Procedure.
Emotional Freedom Therapy and Techniques contains a beautiful tool, a "Personal Peace Procedure," Garry Graig has given the world a fantastic bit of kit to help resolves past issues emotions and memories so that they no longer affect our lives, and we are no longer victims to our selves.

Tail Enders.
We are continually programming or re-programming ourselves and creating our futures by what we are doing right now. When we attempt to make a personal change with EFT or any other system we often come across a problem with tail-enders the little negative internal dialogue that we run in our minds.