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Attracting Trouble. Self Defence

Two Old Dragons.
The two old dragons are on the sofa it’s 2.30 am on a lovely summer morning. Mike Oldfield is playing, and a nearly empty bottle of Jack Daniels is on the table.
They are talking about life and the universe while enjoying the breeze through the open window picking up a mag light on the way.

Suddenly a scream, then another, they know that sound.

The older man is diving through the open window instantly followed by his younger friend.

Rolling break-falls on their feet and they run towards the main road. As the older guy reaches the gate, he pauses for a moment.

He takes in the scene, projects his voice across the road and tells his young friend. “after him”

Across the road is a beautiful young woman naked from the waist down and with her tiny boob tube pulled up to her neck, micro mini skirt and high heeled shoes on the floor, between her legs is a young man about to enjoy himself.

The old dragon knows what to do. First, you never get between a man and a woman in this situation. You don’t know if they are married, friends just playing around or lovers, and experience has taught him that if you drop the guy, you are just as likely to have an angry woman going for your eyes and kicking at your balls.

So he shouts, and the young punk is on his feet and running, followed by the younger dragon.

The older man goes over to the naked beauty who screams, gets to her feet and runs off. He follows, but after a few paces stop and go back.

An internal dialogue had just explained the situation to him. The old man running down the road after a naked young girl who is screaming, who would you drive your car at?

We had stopped a rape as we discovered later that morning.

Some of what I will say on this page may offend some people however that is not my intention. My goal is to get you to begin to understand that often you could have defused or avoided a dangerous situation by thinking of some of the realities of life and your actions.

Self-defence is your responsibility, the police turn up later if you are lucky and it is not just about driving off an attacker. It involves physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and psychic protection. If you have to drop someone, then most of the time you missed the signals, or they are just smarter than you.

The following may have some people outraged if they are out of sync with how society works in some situations and if for whatever reasons they believe that common sense is not valid and if they consider that they are immune for their unwise actions.

I am not against peoples rights, free will is great, however with it also comes responsibility for your actions and this of course also means being responsible for your actions and rights even if it means that you have to look at some of your emotional drivers.

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that rapists, bullies, abusers and general trash choose some people to play with and stay clear of others?

Down the years as a martial arts instructor, personal coach and therapist I have come in to contact with thousands of people who tell me of the abuse and violence they have experienced in their lives. Not just as children but adults who are being hassled by partners, parents, friends and relatives.

Not just once, they seem to attract these kinds of people into their lives with consistency.
This cannot just be bad luck or the universe playing with them. So what are they doing?

What signals are they giving off that these predators are picking up on? What behaviours are they indulging in that will get them hurt?

The young lady in question may well have had the right to walk down a darkly lit road at 2.30 am on a Sunday morning in high heeled shoes with a micro mini skirt on flashing her young body to all she came in to contact with and to be drunk which she was.

It may have been her right. However what about her responsibility for contributing to the consequences of the outcome, her behaviour and dress code.

How did she contribute to this attack? What did she do to flag the predator that she was pray?
What did she choose to ignore?
What did she not learn about the way life really works?

The old and young dragon did learn some valuable lessons from the experience that they both added to their martial arts and what they teach their students.

We also learnt that although our descriptions of the girl and her attacker matched, it also matched what the CCC footage showed. The girl gave an entirely different explanation.

She never contacted us to say thanks for what we did.

Many of my neighbours had heard her screams and my voice projection and had chosen just to roll over and go back to sleep.

Such is life.