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Autopilot Response and Responses.

Autopilot Responses and Being on Autopilot.

These are the things, behaviours and often the emotions that we do and feel on a regular basis. They are habits. If you always get angry when a red light stops you or someone cuts in front of you while driving. You always eat the same food on Sunday that is what they are.

They do not just cover behaviours, they are also pre-programmed emotional responses that you may have. When something happens, do you always respond and feel the same way. When you get angry, do you always shout or lash out? When sad do you just cry?

Often when an emotion hits or more correctly we create it, if the same thing always happens, then you have no choice if you can only respond in one way you have no freedom if you can not do something different you have no power.

Being on autopilot is staying in the same old comfort zone of habitual conditioned stagnation. Not a good place to be. One of the beauties of EFT is that it gives you the ability to regain your choices, the techniques to take back your freedom and the way to break out of your comfort zones.

Along the way you get to keep all the good programmed emotional responses, it's just that now you have a way to change the self-limiting negative ones.