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Using EFT to Overcome Fears and Anxieties of Cycling.
Part 2.

Introduction to ecology checks to clear some of the undergrowth that was limiting my future pleasure of riding my new bike and my fears and anxieties of cycling.

I have been a therapist since 1991 and been involved in martial arts and yoga since 1963, so down the years I have trained and been involved in many different types and kinds of physical, mental and emotional training that is required to reach a high level of skill in a physical sport or activity.

Some of which has just been for fun like flying, breaking bricks and boards, walking on fire with Tony Robbins, breathing fire or walking or doing a headstand on broken glass. Some of the things I have indulged in required facing fears, anxiety, personal emotional glitches, that had to be overcome to do it, progress, grow or just to have the experiences and say. “Done it, have the T-shirts”.

So I do have some real life experience as to what has to be done to sometimes, have a very high level of skill and be exquisite in a chosen sport or past time. This is part two of the experiences that I went through to overcome problems with riding my new bike a "Trek". Thanks to a great friend Ross, who allowed me to open up to fears and face them, Thanks I owe you.

I discovered a few personal glitches when learning to ride my new bike, so as a good therapist and now a keen cyclist this was not good enough. So I set to work to fix these so that I could gain the most from my cycling and training.

I also wanted the amount of pleasure and fun I got from the bike to increase. The bike was due in a few days, and I wanted the experience to be beautiful, so to help this process even before the bike arrived, I did an ecology check, to find any subconscious concerns about my new toy.

Down the years I have had on many occasions, realised that emotional glitches and negative thoughts were limiting my growth or level of skill in many of the past times I have indulged in. Often when we choose outcomes and desire at a conscious level, however a whole load of emotional issues then crop up and usually, we listen to the
little voices in our minds and get painful negative emotions flowing through our bodies that put us off.

I get this as well, however “as an adult it is my job to program and direct my mind”. To uncover these "subconscious incongruence" and the "secondary gain" I am receiving from these, or maybe receiving from continuing to think and feel as I have. It is then my choice to keep with them or install new ways of being, this gives me to choose because if I am running on auto-pilot, then I have no conscious options just automatic responses.

Using emotional freedom techniques (EFT) we can remove these, and program ourselves for different behaviours, that over time will become as automatic as the old ones.

Often we can help ourselves or sports clients very fast using a mixture of EFT, NLP, Hypnosis or common sense in therapy. Usually, a quick fix can be done, and we all feel good, like your central heating system breaking down, and all it needs is a new thermostat.

Just as often more work needs to be done if we have added extra rooms or built an extension. The old system may not be able to handle it. Many systems or parts of the system will need to be upgraded or changed.

Sometimes you do have to work at it, something that with emotional freedom techniques is often overlooked by the less experienced. What I did may seem like a lot of work. However, I wanted the results. When you truly want something you go for it and do what is necessary to get the result. "Rarely will one thing work and often we have to do other stuff to become what we want to be".

So let us start with an
ecology check To uncover these "subconscious incongruence" and the "secondary gain" I am receiving from these, or maybe receiving from continuing to think and feel as I was.

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