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Get closer to any deeper or core emotional problems
That often limit our lives.

EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding. Part 6.
This is part six of overcoming my fear of riding a new Trek Road bike I had bought, and this part deals with the broader issues I had about enjoying cycling and also led to uncovering some emotional problems I now realise had been limiting my life especially safety and physical health.

I had already removed or fixed many of the smaller negative associations and emotional issues that had affected my cycling using emotional freedom techniques EFT mind mapping and other hypnotic and NLP techniques and things were much better.

Initially I had an extensive list of issues that I had decided to fix, and as I worked through them things got more comfortable, this is a process sometimes known as "clearing the undergrowth" or a "
personal peace procedure" and allows us to get closer to any deeper or core emotional problems that often limit our lives.

So once again I was sitting in my favourite chair with a cup of tea. I looked through my old mind maps and smiled at all the things I had fixed, in real time it had only taken a few hours work, and so many things had cleared, and as they did I was enjoying my self so much more, so I was excited about what I was about to discover.

I did a new "eft mind map" with the main concerts on.
If I fall off due to my back injury, I may be in serious trouble.
Fears of injury, hurt, pain setbacks and more fears and safety concerns. These were real and would also need a bit more digging around. As they were real fears and concerns about possible physical injury or possible death.

I can't reach the breaks safely.
That flashback about being on a bike when I was a child.

You might be wondering why all this work, “I have been told EFT is fast simple and effective”.
It is. However, you may still have to put in a great deal of effort to change in-depth survival programs or to fix glitches that you may have had for years and chosen to ignore, or stuff you have become aware of as you have grown. If I got this wrong I could be crippled or dead, so my control level of mind was, and still is protecting me from harm, real or imaginary, and in this case, it was real or seemed real.

I did my research and asked around and discovered that it was possible to have an extra set of breaks fitted to the trek, so she would have one on the hoods and one on the bars, I got to ride a bike with them on, and it felt great. Atkins Cycles in Leamington Spa said they would get a set in for me and the bike was booked in for the following week.

I used the time to ride and to start programming my self so that when they were on things would be great, and a week later they were fitted and worked fine. The bike was great. I rode and played and my times got quicker, I went further and also had some beautiful pleasure rides.

The twenty-four hours or so it took to fix the problems were worth it.
A days work for the rest of your life?

I still had a few twinges about falling off and injuring my self and as you may remember I had also had a flash about riding a bike when I was a child. I guess it was time to finish this project and fix these remaining little negative emotions, that would be easy, or so I thought.

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