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We are coming up to that time of the year again when we have to submit our accounts to the Inland Revenue, The End Of The Current Financial Year. The time when we are held accountable not only to the tax man but to our families friends and our selves.

For large businesses and corporations, this is not a problem as they employ a team of people to take care of this for them.

The problem lies with the small business owner or the self-employed. Often this group of people are the ones who have problems getting their tax returns in.

I have seen a few clients recently who are small business owners who all have the same problem when it comes to running a business they just don't yet have the emotional control and maturity to do it successfully.

They lack the discipline and motivation to do the day to day essential tasks of running a business.
It's not their fault they were raised by an educational system that trained them to be employed by someone else.

Without this, future governments would not have the food source they need to pay lots of tax and keep the country going. We need millions of people who what to work for others otherwise the whole system would fall down.

When you take on the role of being self-employed or starting a business, you need to acquire numerous new skills and abilities or pay people to do many things for you, and it will be a mix of both at the end of the day.

Some of the most significant challenges are
self-sabotage, putting things off and procrastination, lack of discipline and self-control. All of these problems can easily be overcome through the use of EFT.

Your accounts are a vital part of your business and getting them in on time is just good business practice, but many people make this so difficult for themselves, and it really does not have to be.

It is not just me who says this about emotional control.
"If you cannot control your emotions you cannot control your money".
Warren Buffett.

About Emotions and Successful Business.
"When it comes to business too many people allow their emotions do their thinking for them and direct their future. But are you in control of your emotions, or do they control you?"

“... the first thing you must do is use the power of your brain to make you rich.”
Robert T Kiyosaki.

“I have reason by now to trust my gut. Carl Jung said our conscious mind uses only five per cent of our brain power for daily functioning. If we can learn to tap into that unconscious, subconscious, and dormant ninety-five per cent, the results can be amazing”.
Donald J Trump.

“ Winning comes with its own pressures and responsibilities, if being a winner is outside your personal comfort zone, you’ll be better off remaining someone else's employee”.
Lord Sugar.

To run your business successfully, you will have to learn new emotional skills, get outside your comfort zones, learn to turn off voices in your mind that may just be old programmes running from a younger time.

Remove secondary gain that will sabotage you, and learn emotional discipline so that the biggest challenge small business owners face will not hinder you.

Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of loss. Fear of Gain. Unless you come to terms with it, your inner child will really mess this up for you. You may well have to go in and change many writings on your wall. Removing old habits. Behaviours. Opinions and become an entirely different person. Congratulations that's what it means to be in business.

Many lottery winners are unhappy or broke a few years after their win. Many say they are happier now that they no longer have the money, what a waste. If you truly desire your business to succeed, then you will have to become a different person, and it is in this area that EFT and emotional freedom techniques can significantly assist you.

But for now, if you are having problems getting your tax returns in are indulging in self-sabotage or procrastination consider giving me a call today. All of the above symptoms of your now being entirely congruent in your business can lead to stress, anxiety, worry, sleepless nights, relationship problems, guilt and overload. That's the last thing you need right now.

If you are serious about your business, you may want to consider
Practical Pessimism as an essential tool to maximise your results and work smarter.