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EFT to uncover what was limiting cycling performance.

Part three starting the process of discovery.
So I sat down with a pad of A3 drawing paper and some coloured pens and noted my concerns and mind mapped them. “EFT mind mapping and brainstorming” is a great technique for uncovering “hidden drivers” and “outdated subconscious programs” and other negative emotional twitches and glitches I had.

I wanted to uncover any and all conscious, subconscious, rational or illogical concerns, glitches, twitches and any little
tail-enders or mind-farts associated with cycling, from my past, present or future.

This set up a statement of intent and directed me and my mind as to the outcome I was expecting and directed my thoughts as to what they will do. Setting up your energy, intent and state is vital for a successful result after all.

Those of you with a little experience will also spot that I was also using post-hypnotic suggestions, some timeline stuff, embedded commands and presuppositions.

After an hour or so I had a full map of about fifty little glitches that were preventing me or could be preventing me from enjoying this fantastic Trek Road bike.

Often many people fail to reach the goals and outcomes they desire because they are not prepared to put in the necessary work needed to achieve goals and what they want. Indulging is
Practical Pessimism will really pay off.

I knew what I wanted, and I know what is required to achieve it, now all I had to do was work through the list and fix the glitches and problems, and along the way, I know other stuff will be uncovered, and additional reprogramming may have to be done.

“We demonstrate what is a priority in our lives by what we do, not what we say.”

Some of my initial concerns were.
The ride would be entirely different.
It would feel strange, different, unfamiliar, exciting, challenging.
Different muscles and angles of motion would be used and this could/would lead to pain and soreness.
As the breaks were in a different position when I attempted to use them, I might wobble.
I might fall off if I needed to breakfast.
I had fallen off a few times when breaking fast.
If I fall off due to my back injury, I may be in serious trouble.
Fears of injury, hurt, pain setbacks and more fears and safety concerns.
My other bike a Kona is very conspicuous, covered in reflective tape.
This new bike is so pretty I was not going to do that to it.
On the new bike can I fit a large mirror so I can see behind?
I had never seen them on road bikes.
How do I become more conspicuous on my new road bike?
An old man in Lycra.
How can I carry “all the stuff I ride with.”
How much stuff will I ride with as I will be going further and faster?

These were the primary concerns, the mind maps pulled up loads of other secondary gains and worries as I began to add branches and allow my mind to flow and just map whatever came up, however silly it may have seemed.

Starting big and then getting down to specifics, no matter how silly or offbeat they seemed to my conscious mind, these were after all hidden glitches or drivers that could limit my pleasure, they may have nothing to do with logic and what is reasonable and rational.

Often when we make our concerns conscious and voice them, we realise how silly they are and many can be removed with logic, it is often that we have not been aware of them before we do this drill. It is one of the reasons when doing EFT we say out loud what is the problem is, as when we do this, it sounds absurd.

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