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Tired of cold calls.

I have just watched a programme on the BBC, The One Show, about the problems of cold calls in the UK.

I did find it very funny and highly amusing. It takes advantage of simple and idiotic people. Who just say” Yes it is terrible, they should stop it.”

I like everyone in the UK receive many cold calls and nuisance calls, and it is not against the law, and it is a hot topic, most TV shows jump on the bandwagon.

Thousands of people in the UK each day receive cold calls. And it is a problem.

Yet the way to stop it is straightforward. The TV shows don’t usually tell you this.

However, programs like the one show are done for light entertainment and do not offer you practical advice, not designed to help you.

If you are having problems with many cold calls some practical advice that will fix the problem and remove it from your life.

Please consider the following advice it is highly practical, very efficient and will stop 99% of the hassle that cold calls currently cause you stress anxiety, worry and many hours of call time.

Get an answering machine.

Install it.

Turn it on.

Set it to take incoming calls.

Monitor incoming calls.

Set it with a message like:

“I do not accept incoming calls due to the number of cold calls we all receive these days”.

It is very rare that we receive calls that are truly vital, “get out now a plane is 30 seconds is crashing on your house”.

That kind of stuff.

Do the above and stop cold calls.

Or at least stop the stress, anxiety, worry.

Stop complaining about them. Do something.

It is effortless.

Or continue to suffer from cold calls.