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EFT While Cycling.
Removing neck and shoulder pain and learning a whole lot more.

The other day I was out cycling, I had decided to go for a short ride on my Trek. The weather in the UK has been lovely over the last week or so. I was at about seventeen miles and noticed a pain in my neck, and shoulders. Not much of a surprise really as I have been doing some substantial shifts on the computer redesigning three of my websites to be mobile friendly.

I could have stopped and done some exercise on the side of the road, but had to get back to do a Skype session with a client from Germany so decided to press on. I started a "
Transderivational Search" and asked my control level of mind my subconscious.

"OK beautiful, If I did know how to turn off this pain so that we could both enjoy this ride together, and get your forgiveness and be reminded by you to take stretching and to exercise breaks when we work on the computer, What would I do"?

The answer came, "shotgun eft on yourself". This was a technique that I developed some years ago as a way of using
surrogate eft. A method of firing off, all the points on a stranger from across a room or shopping mall. I used it a lot when I used to take guys out on the streets who had difficulties in saying hi to beautiful women.

I pondered for a few peddle strokes and wondered if there was a different way to get the same results. I had been writing about
visualisation and holodeck simulations recently on some of the sites and decided to construct a little program.

All I needed was to hallucinate in real life the physical sensations I feel when I hit my points all the feelings I felt, smelt noticed and what I said when I do my drills. All while riding safely.

I have an old "DHE" program that I still use and decided to find out if it would do this for me. I accessed a state that would be useful and fired my intent and outcome into the old program.

Within a few seconds I was feeling myself being thumped on (puppy eft taps on some points) then tapped on the points that can't be whacked. A beautiful voice was saying the setup statements that she knew to be just right and I was just along for the ride.

The pain stopped. Great I noted that I will have to write a short article about it and then hit my "forget it till later anchor", and did.

In fact, it was only while in bed 20 minutes ago that I was reminded to write this article. So I have.

Emotional freedom techniques go or can go far beyond the basic drills, as you can see I used a combination of many methods all while riding my bike at 15 to 20 miles an hour. EFT, NLP self-hypnosis, state control and some holodeck simulations, some huna and of course DHE.

It is OK to play with your drills and techniques when you have the skills.