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EFT Diary. Notes to Self.

Keeping and using an emotional freedom diary or journal can be of immense benefit to your personal emotional health, growth and self-discovery.

It will allow you to begin to understand your past, present and future conditioning, track your progress and over time define and redefine your goals and outcomes as you continue to calibrate and re-calibrate over time to allow you to become, more exquisite.

Often when we attempt to work on ourselves even if we are advanced practitioners our own self-glitches can get in the way, our subconscious mind is a sneaky fellow and often will find the most contorted ways to stay in an old comfort zone.

Self-deception, self-lies, lying to others, making excuses, blaming others, and "cruising on de-Nile" affect us all.

The more we learn and master, the more we play, the more skilled we can become at our own self-deception.

For the beginner to emotional freedom therapy or clients who are getting help, it is a handy tool.

So how do you use your diary or journal?
First of all, decide what issues you would like to deal with. We all have things especially when we first start out that we can quickly resolve.

I like to use mind maps to get all my ideas down on paper fast and just play with the ideas if you are not familiar, then just make a list and some notes as often this flow will produce some valuable insights.

I like to add a date and time for the exercise, as this lets me know how fast I can work and also assists me when working on more complex glitches that involve multiple incidents and compounding effects.

Then look at them and begin to tap on the problems. Record your initial suds level and the intensity at the end. If the problem and emotional power go, fine. Just tick it off.

Just work through your list of glitches. This is also called a Personal Peace Procedure.

Often as you tap, you will get other issues to come to light, note these down and work on them. Often what we believe the problem to be at a conscious level of mind, is not.

As Jack Sparrow said. "It's not the problem that's the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem. Savy?

Glitches can be a made up of many emotions, states and anchors that have developed and changed over the years, many aspects can play a part in disrupting your emotional life.

Once you have cleared many of your every day emotional hassles, then you can begin to play with this fantastic system, really play. As you will have removed all the undergrowth out of the way and you can take another look at your situation.

This emotional house clearing is a useful technique to do several times a year, as it will help you to de-clutter your life.

This is a fabulous way to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual life. Often you will become aware of emotional weeds or drains that are far easier to remove now, rather than waiting for them to become deep-seated.

Looking over your old notes in your journal can also bring to light some of those pesky little critters that we believed we had dealt with but may have overlooked or denied about our selves.

Deeper More Powerful Insightful Discoveries.
After a few months of using your diary or journal, look back and notice what you worked on and the successes you had, the chances are that you are not the same person. Also, see what you had difficulty working with.

Recently I looked at mine and noticed a few entries that I did not want to work on at the time. However, now I did, so I worked on them and fixed them, it was far more comfortable than I thought it would be, as I had grown.

So it can be a good idea every once in a while to look back at the issues you want to resolve and make a new list. Often you will discover that things have changed in a big way.

A journal is also an invaluable tool when working with habits, beliefs and opinions that you may have decided you need.

One of the greatest ever written and it was not meant to be published.
It was for a man's own sake notes to himself and reminders so he could be more honest and honourable in his life.
Meditations. Marcus Aurelius. One of the last true emperors of Rome and a valued stoic philosopher.

This can be great fun as you begin to install what you need into your neurology. Our filters on how we see the world and the emotional barriers that we place in the way really do mould our realities and working out who you have to become is a fun game.

So to be for example wealthy, what would you have to believe? What habits would you need to have in your life? How would you have to experience the world? What fears would you have to let go of?

In researching this, you will get insights into the many changes you will have to make. Reading and studying the people who already have and live as you desire, will allow you to begin to borrow their beliefs and model how they are, and operate.

You may discover that to reach your goal you will have to make many changes, in also carrying out an “ecology check” you will also find if the price you have to pay is worth it.