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Don't Do It.
Negative Suggestion

Last night I was playing in the garden with my little friends, two cute little girls aged 2 and 4. We played lots and lots and then when they had tired me out uncle Paul sat down for a much-needed cup of tea.

The girls continued to play, and it got a bit rough. Mummy came out and said “Don’t do that” so what did they do, they did it.

This went on for a while with mummy telling them not to do this and that, and although having a degree and being in the medical profession she could not work out why when she told the children not to do something they did it.

Mummy sat down next to me, and we talked
I asked her not to think of an elephant, not to think of orange not to remember what a prat her ex-husband was. Guess what each time I asked her not to do it she did. The light began to come on.

With all your education and training has no one ever pointed out to you that if you are unable not to think about something what chance do the kids have?

You are not able to do it so how can they?

When you say “Don’t they have to access what you are telling them not to do. It is a hypnotic command. So they are just doing what you have told them to do.

Mummy thought for a while as I hypnotically commanded the kids to play safely and have lots of fun.

Maybe it is worth observing what you say and what the people around you are mentioning.

Just notice for a few days how often the people around you are programming you.
Don’t get angry. Don’t get upset. Don't worry.

Often we get results opposite to what we intend, however as Dr Richard Bandler the co-founder of NLP said: ”The quality of your communication is the result you get.”