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I Don't Want To Do It.
Ecology Check Self Sabotage and EFT.

Many people really want change, they want to lose weight, they want to reduce or stop drinking, or they really want to start something or other. I get them all the time and help many to make the changes.

However, they all have to do some kind of
ecology check to find out if their subconscious mind feels the same. If they don't, they will find that the process is much more difficult even using all the cool techniques we now have at our disposal.

If at some level of mind they or some part of them feels, thinks or has been programmed to get a different outcome they will blow it. Procrastination,
self-sabotage or just forgetting to use the techniques are all common when we are attempting to teach a client how to get the results they say they consciously want.

In moments of self-awareness, it is not uncommon to find them just coming out with.
"I just don't feel or even want to do it."

That can be a big eye-opener for many and just adds weight to the fact that they are running subconscious incongruence and some form of secondary gain.

An ecology check is an excellent way to pick up some of these glitches, and that is why I always recommend if you are seriously considering any kind of change work you begin by doing a good one a
personal peace procedure is also a good idea.

We have hundreds of pages on the internet attempting to help people who are having problems making emotional freedom techniques work, they can't remember the sequence or the points, they mess themselves up with setting up statements, they feel silly doing the drills, they forget to do them.

Many reasons and excuses all of them point to secondary gain. That simple ecology check would have cleared or at least highlighted some key places to start with. No point in plodding on for two sessions when the client's own subconscious mind says "NO."

Of course, when you are training yourself and playing with creating the person you have to become, to live the lifestyle you are creating, it becomes even more important to watch out for this kind of self-sabotage as often it is not.

It is just your control mind attempting to look after you, you may have to meet with it and regenerate the deal or just rewrite the programs.

So next time you find yourself or a client saying or feeling.

"I Don't Want To Do It."

Realise that this is not a bad thing, it's okay as you may well have just discovered where you need to go and what you need to do.