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Running an ecology check before starting work with EFT.

When we make the decision that we want to make a significant change in our lives, often we sabotage ourselves, mentally emotionally or physically. Many people have experienced this in life, and it is widespread. It is an excellent idea to run an ecology check before investing time, effort and money into making the desired change.

Our own mind works against us. Why is this?
Bottom line is that it is down to your subconscious mind playing by a different set of rules or beliefs. Garry Crag in emotional freedom therapy calls it “The Writings on your Walls” your subconscious control mind has different programs running that you are not aware of. These glitches will prevent you from making the necessary changes.

A large part of who and what we are has been programmed into us by others, our parents, family, friends, education, social, religious conditioning and last of all us. It is necessary for us to be programmed to live in the society we grew up in and to learn to act and interact with others of our group. It is also necessary for our survival, we need to determine what can hurt us and how to hunt and find out what is essential for our survival.

But what about the other stuff? Most people are raised to be suitable for the group they live in, this includes rewards for being kind and punishments for being wrong, from the viewpoint of our authority figures, not necessarily ours.

This may well cause us subconscious incongruence and secondary gain later in life when we want to make a change. We will literally be in two minds about something. Even if we have the skill to override our subconscious concerns, it will mess with us and self-sabotage will occur. A good ecology check will avoid this.

Through our lives, we do also programme ourselves, at different times we will reach decisions and conclusions about things that we take on as habits, beliefs behaviours and opinions. Yet when we make these conclusions, we often do not have all the information to make that decision.

If we are emotionally immature or insecure, we do not have the maturity to decide. If we also add into the mix strong irrational emotions, it is easy to see how we can come to conclusions that are not the best for us. An ecology check can pick these up.

Peter Freeth author of “NLP in Business” says. “If your goal has any negative or detrimental side effects that you have not fully considered, you will sabotage your own attempts to achieve it”. So how do you do an ecology check and what are some of the questions you can ask of yourselves?

I always like to start out by setting up my outcome and then selecting the state that will be the most helpful in discovering possible problems, or I create a new unique state. I have found mind maps to be the fastest and detailed way to uncover all the little associations and massive blocks that may prevent me from reaching my goal.

They come up with all manner of real and imaginary possible glitches, rational and irrational. The more illogical and ridiculous they are the more likely they are to be subconscious incongruence, they are the one I really want to uncover.

Uncovering these frees me up from subconscious sabotage and allows me to pursue my goals without that interference. I then only have to deal with the real problems and challenges of reaching and living my desired outcome. EFT is a great way to deal with these childish fears as we can quickly remove, erase, reprogram or renegotiate the deal with our control level of mind and get it on our side.

Some questions and considerations in performing an ecology check on yourself, or others. Let's use weight loss as an example.
So we have our desired outcome worded in the positive. We know what we want. We have set up our energy intent and state. We are now looking for incongruently that may induce self-sabotage. Anything in this new lifestyle that may cause problems or future glitches to us, or our environment and the people in our lives.

An ecology check looks for any “any negative or detrimental side effects that you have not fully considered” Better to find anything that is “Un-ecological” now and fix it while you are in the development phase and modify your habits, beliefs and lifestyle or at least become aware of what you will have to change. You will also be able to decide if it is worth it to you. Any little illogical or irrational, silly voices in your head can be dealt with using emotional freedom therapy (EFT).

Let us say that you want to lose weight, being smart you have decided to have a well thought out outcome or goal. So you have chosen to “Loose two stone over the next year, as I enjoy and learn from the process so that I will feel happier, more contented, become fitter and sexier, and as I do so I will enjoy my life more” That statement is not perfect. However, you get the idea.

So an ecology check. Looking for physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, sociological and environmental changes we will or may have to make. Some questions you can ask of yourselves are, but you will have to be honest with yourself.

How will I know when I have reached my goal?
How will changing my lifestyle effect me?
How will I have to be different?

Unless you change, you will stay as you are. Many people forget this when they want something different, you will have to put in a lot of effort to change. Make it worthwhile.

What excuses will I no longer be able to make, to my self or others?
What extra will I have to do?
What will I have to learn?
What will I have to give up?
What will extra costs be involved?
Do I have the money, resources to pay for it?
How will it affect my friends?
How will it affect my partner?
How will it affect my family?
How will it affect my work?

What concerns, resentments, jealous, fears or insecurities may it fire off in them? Many people around us have a considerable investment in us staying as we are. When we change, it will fire off problems in them. Do you have the skills and resources to deal with them? If yes, great and are you prepared to use them on those you love and care about?
If you don't have the skills, you will have to learn them?

Do you have the interpersonal skills to deal with the extra attention you may receive?
What about the attention you will no longer receive?
What are the broader consequences of these actions?

All of these possible glitches you can map out on a mind map and add the concerns as branches until you discover all your possible self-sabotage. Then just remove them or modify your outcomes. Once you have done this, you will be in an excellent position to reach your goal and have the consequences in life you desire.

Along the way, you can recalibrate your outcome and make any changes as necessary. Reaching goals always requires this “sensory awareness and flexibility” of habits thoughts and behaviours so that you are in the feedback loop and are able to notice what is not working and can adjust accordingly.

Once you have done your ecology check with your goals and know what is required all you then have to do, is “take action”. Emotional freedom techniques are beneficial in allowing you to do this, as long as you are honest with yourself and tell it as it is.