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Necessary Practical Pessimism. It's in your life, and you may not know it, Yet.



Self-discipline is like your inner parent, that part of you that looks after you and tells you cool stuff. You might like to call it you're conscious. That part that pokes you are reminds you to be good.

Philosophy of EFT

Philosophy of EFT
Many of life simpler problems like stress, anxiety, worry, fear, panic, feeling bad about something can easily be changed. We can develop the maturity to choose how to feel about the events that we find in our lives, that we contribute to, or just happened to us. Or that at one time we wanted and now realise was the wrong choice or no longer for us.

Rid Your Self of Procrastination.

EFT is a very powerful tool for dealing with procrastination and getting stuff done. When you get your subconscious control mind on your side, when it wants the same as you consciously desire most of the time you get it.

Be careful what songs you play and listen to.

Be careful what songs you play and listen to.
Music and song are a gorgeous part of most peoples lives and has the power to alter our states, inspire, and motivate us. We tend to play our music as a lazy way to alter our states, that's OK.

But have you ever thought about the
negative side of this?
Recently while doing a personal peace procedure I came across some old files in my mind, stuff I had never looked at or cleared out, and were just hanging around.

Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you remove painful memories of the past. Do you want to remove painful memories.

Did you know that EFT can be used to remove painful memories from your past and clean up your memory?

Help to overcome Fear of Flying Warwickshire.

Help to overcome Fear of Flying Warwickshire.
Many people are afraid of flying and often experience worry, panic, fear and anxiety about getting on board an aircraft. Some have even developed a phobia about it, aviophobia. It messes up thousands of lives every month.

Using emotional freedom techniques to dissolve fears and anxieties about travel.

Using emotional freedom techniques to dissolve fears and anxieties about travel.

How I recently used eft and other techniques to fix my fears and worry about going to Prague with a friend who was going for an operation.

Instant Panic Evaporates.

Instant Panic Evaporates.
How to Overcome Fear of Flying.

Overcome your fear of flying with EFT.

Overcome your fear of flying with EFT.
So what you have. Is a very experienced therapist who was also a pilot and admits to being frightened in an aircraft. Who learnt how to fix the problems I had about flying.

So just a bit different from the average therapist who may try and help you.

I have been there, done it, have the tee shirts and still love flying in all types of aircraft in all kinds of weather.

Down the years I have helped many to overcome their fear of flying (which often isn't, more of that later) even helping other pilots who lost their bottle and helped them to continue flying.

EFT for weight loss in Warwickshire.

EFT for weight loss in Warwickshire.
You weight and health are soon going to be up to you, it has in reality been that way for most of your life. But now if you get ill and your health suffers you may not get the support you would like.
Think about it.

What happens when you have been doing eft for a few years, or can happen.

What happens when you have been doing eft for a few years, or can happen.
Have you ever wondered what happens after a few years of doing eft.
I have been using EFT on my self for a while along with hypnosis and NLP and I am often asked what happens when you have been using EFT for a few years?

What is self confidence and esteem?

What is self confidence and esteem?
The relationship you have with yourself.

Student problems being at University.

Student problems being at University.
Many young people have problems being at University and as the support systems get better it seams as if a growing number of young men and women are seeking help to overcome them. Sometimes you have to go outside the usual support systems in order to get effective and fast help.

Playing at being a Pussy Cat.

Playing at being a Pussy Cat.
A Useful EFT technique to begin to love, appreciate and accept ourselves.


Help with Worry and Worrying Use EFT.
Many people worry and you can learn to stop it.

Skype sessions using eft.

New page added on Skype sessions using eft.
Using skype for emotional freedom therapy sessions is growing. Now you can also share the benefits of having an advanced practitioner in EFT in your living room day or night.

Fear and being afraid of building a web site.

Fear and being afraid of building a web site.
Many people would love to build a web site they may even start but few finish it. Find out why you may be doing this and learn how to stop self sabotaging yourself.

Are we setting up our children for a fall.

Are we setting up our children for a fall.

Microburst Habits. Unconscious competence.

Microburst Habits. Unconscious competence.
With practice our brains and bodies are able to do some amazing things, when something becomes a habit and we become unconsciously competent our subconscious mind are able to run a habit faster so that it takes place in an instant and requires no conscious effort or thought. Much of how we life and our lifestyle choices are made at this level.

Attracting Trouble.

Attracting Trouble.

How to get ill.

How to get ill.

Children come first

Children come first.

I the UK we have a well known personality who has a daily TV show. Each morning this guy talks at and with the audience about their problems, relationships and children. Don’t get me wrong he is a good guy and the show is entertaining. Often he says “the children come first” the audience clap and agree with him.

Dont do it.

Don’t Do It.

It's The Truth.

It's the truth I just made it up.
Questioning your assumptions in EFT.

You shall love your neighbour as yourself

'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.' In order to do this you must first Love Yourself. A while back this was advised by a guy who went around teaching some good stuff. You may be wondering why this article is on an emotional freedom site EFT?

Why We Tap Along With Clients.

Why We Tap Along With Clients.
Ever wondered why we tap with our clients.

Self Sabotage Can Ae a Good Thing.

Self Sabotage Can Ae a Good Thing.

I Don't Want To Do It.

I Don't Want To Do It. Ecology Check Self Sabotage and EFT.
A short article on using eft.

Stress can make you really dumb

Stress can make you really dumb.
Have you ever wondered why it is that when you are under stress or highly emotional you go from being an intelligent, loving, rational, clear thinking adult to a mindless fool who behaves like a three year old who is not getting their own way and is throwing a tantrum?

Stress and your health.

Stress and your health. New article added. Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT is a great way to improve your health as you reduce your stress.

Why you should not use eft.

A short article on Why you should not use eft. Why it may not be suitable or work for you.

Psychological Reversal Procrastination and Self Sabotage.

I have just written an article on Psychological Reversal Procrastination and Self Sabotage. In emotional freedom therapy.

When EFT Does Not Work

When EFT Does Not Work. Why EFT may not be working for you.
I have just put up an article on what may be happening if you are finding your eft drills are not giving you the results you expect.

EFT While Cycling.

EFT While Cycling.
Removing neck and shoulder pain and learning a whole lot more.
The other day I was out cycling, I had decided to go for a short ride on my Trek. The weather in the UK has been lovely over the last week or so. I was at about seventeen miles and noticed a pain in my neck, and shoulders. not much of a surprise really as I have been doing some heavy shifts on the computer redesigning three of my web sites to be mobile friendly.

Remove 1000 problems a year.

How to remove over a thousand annoyances frustrations and emotional problems in a year. It may seam impossible and many just will not believe it, (if that's you tap on it} however it's true for me and can be for you. It just requires a bit of effort and raising your standards and self worth along with learning to love and care for yourself.

Hypnosis and EFT.

Hypnosis and EFT.
When you first think of EFT you may not see the connection with hypnosis yet the two are intwined.
They happily nestle and sleep with each other all the time along with NLP.

It is for this reason that I will be placing on this site a page of powerful self hypnosis MP3 downloads that you can use to increase your skills and pleasures in life.

So what is hypnosis?

Traditionally it was thought of as sleep, as usually symptoms seemed very similar. When I was first learning how to hypnotise people and myself back in the sixties it was not uncommon to here. "You are feeling sleepy, close your eyes". Later when I trained as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist the techniques were still being used.

Sex and EFT How you can improve your sex life with eft.

Sex and EFT How you can improve your sex life with eft.
As humans who live on this planet we are sexual creatures, most people enjoy sex, most would like more, most would like a better quality.Most, if not all sexual dysfunction, have their roots in some kind of unresolved emotional problem. This is why emotional freedom therapy and techniques are so powerful in resolving these kinds of issues and improving your happiness in life.

Relationships and EFT

How you can improve your relationships with eft.
Our personal relationships can be the greatest source of pleasure we ever experience. They fill our lives with joy, passion, intimacy, love, fill us with self respect, confidence and dramatically improve our self concept and happiness in life. Amazing, beautiful and wonderful.

Stress is a pretty powerful thing.

EFT can be a remarkably effective way for you to handle stress in your life.
Using these techniques on a regular basic will lead to a healthier and happier life, better personal relationships and a better sex life. The quality of your life seams to improve and you feel generally much happier. EFT can be a very effective way for your to take control of your stress and when used in conjunction with self hypnosis. Just makes life more fun. So if you live in Warwickshire and are suffering from the effects of stress in your life give me a call.

Why You Should Learn To Fly.

No. Why you must learn to Fly.
Ever since I was a child I have wanted to fly. It has always been my dream I am sure many people have had the same experience but most do nothing about it and it remains a dream. Many years ago I was doing a taped course ( that will show you how long ago it was). By a guy called Tony Robbins, personal power I think it was called. A thirty day course to take massive action in your life.

About half way through I remembered one of my dreams that I had given up on, to fly and as this course is all about achieving and living your dreams. I decided along with my partner at the time to learn to fly. We went along to our local airfield Wellesbourne and booked a lesion with Wellesbourne Aviation, it was booked for a few days later.

EFT for Children Kids and Parents.

Emotional Freedom Techniques For Children.
Discover if emotional freedom techniques may help resolve your child's emotional problems and fears.
Emotional freedom techniques are being used more and more with children and are ideally suited for this. Being easy to use and also fun to do with kids, once they get the hang of it when they are of course old enough you may well find that they do it for them selves.

This of course has many advantages as they will learn from an early age how to remove their own fears, concerns, anxieties, worry and many other glitches that effect their parents. They wont have to go through what we did.

Emotional pain is part of learning how to survive in the world and can develop amazing talents and capabilities if handled correctly. They can learn self control, confidence, respect, tenacity, self concept and resilience and personal responsibility.

Business EFT

Business EFT. We are coming up to that time of the year again when we have to submit our accounts to the inland Revenue, The End Of The Current Financial Year. The time when we are held accountable not only to the tax man, but to our families friends and our selves.

Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of loss. Fear of Gain. Unless you comes to terms with it your inner child will really mess this up for you. You may well have to go in and change many writings on your wall. Removing old habits. Behaviours. Opinions and become a totally different person. Congratulations thats what it means to be in business.

Real Self Defence Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK

Real Powerful Effective Personal Self Defence.
For Martial Artists, Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido or what ever your style, if you practice they are all good.

You may have found this page because you are interested in real self defence in the world. You may be a martial artist Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido or what ever your style, if you practice they are all good.

You may be looking for some fast, killer techniques to instantly stop or drop an opponent.

Someone who will badly hurt you, if you don't drop them fast.

Well, you have found them. But it's not what you think.

Unless you master these techniques the most lethal person you will ever meet will attack and hurt and emotionally cripple you every day. They are pretty close.

Self Hypnosis MP3 Downloads for EFT.

Self Hypnosis MP3's That Will Dramatically Speed Up Your Results with EFT.
I am going to personally recommend some self hypnosis mp3 downloads to you that will dramatically speed up your long term results with EFT. I use them and when you visit me in Leamington Spa I will recommend you use them as well.

Excel At Sport. Sport Self Hypnosis MP3 download.

Excel At Sport. Sport Self Hypnosis MP3 download. Now has a you tube video and a podcast.
A Powerful self hypnosis mp3 designed to help with improving and accelerating your sports performance. Learn mental mastery.