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Instant Panic Evaporates.

Instant Panic Evaporates.
How to Overcome Fear of Flying.

Why You Should Learn To Fly.

No. Why you must learn to Fly.
Ever since I was a child I have wanted to fly. It has always been my dream I am sure many people have had the same experience but most do nothing about it and it remains a dream. Many years ago I was doing a taped course ( that will show you how long ago it was). By a guy called Tony Robbins, personal power I think it was called. A thirty day course to take massive action in your life.

About half way through I remembered one of my dreams that I had given up on, to fly and as this course is all about achieving and living your dreams. I decided along with my partner at the time to learn to fly. We went along to our local airfield Wellesbourne and booked a lesion with Wellesbourne Aviation, it was booked for a few days later.