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Remove 1000 problems a year.

How to remove over a thousand annoyances frustrations and emotional problems in a year. It may seam impossible and many just will not believe it, (if that's you tap on it} however it's true for me and can be for you. It just requires a bit of effort and raising your standards and self worth along with learning to love and care for yourself.

Sex and EFT How you can improve your sex life with eft.

Sex and EFT How you can improve your sex life with eft.
As humans who live on this planet we are sexual creatures, most people enjoy sex, most would like more, most would like a better quality.Most, if not all sexual dysfunction, have their roots in some kind of unresolved emotional problem. This is why emotional freedom therapy and techniques are so powerful in resolving these kinds of issues and improving your happiness in life.

Relationships and EFT

How you can improve your relationships with eft.
Our personal relationships can be the greatest source of pleasure we ever experience. They fill our lives with joy, passion, intimacy, love, fill us with self respect, confidence and dramatically improve our self concept and happiness in life. Amazing, beautiful and wonderful.