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Rid Your Self of Procrastination.

EFT is a very powerful tool for dealing with procrastination and getting stuff done. When you get your subconscious control mind on your side, when it wants the same as you consciously desire most of the time you get it.

Help to overcome Fear of Flying Warwickshire.

Help to overcome Fear of Flying Warwickshire.
Many people are afraid of flying and often experience worry, panic, fear and anxiety about getting on board an aircraft. Some have even developed a phobia about it, aviophobia. It messes up thousands of lives every month.

EFT for weight loss in Warwickshire.

EFT for weight loss in Warwickshire.
You weight and health are soon going to be up to you, it has in reality been that way for most of your life. But now if you get ill and your health suffers you may not get the support you would like.
Think about it.

What is self confidence and esteem?

What is self confidence and esteem?
The relationship you have with yourself.

Sex and EFT How you can improve your sex life with eft.

Sex and EFT How you can improve your sex life with eft.
As humans who live on this planet we are sexual creatures, most people enjoy sex, most would like more, most would like a better quality.Most, if not all sexual dysfunction, have their roots in some kind of unresolved emotional problem. This is why emotional freedom therapy and techniques are so powerful in resolving these kinds of issues and improving your happiness in life.

Relationships and EFT

How you can improve your relationships with eft.
Our personal relationships can be the greatest source of pleasure we ever experience. They fill our lives with joy, passion, intimacy, love, fill us with self respect, confidence and dramatically improve our self concept and happiness in life. Amazing, beautiful and wonderful.

Stress is a pretty powerful thing.

EFT can be a remarkably effective way for you to handle stress in your life.
Using these techniques on a regular basic will lead to a healthier and happier life, better personal relationships and a better sex life. The quality of your life seams to improve and you feel generally much happier. EFT can be a very effective way for your to take control of your stress and when used in conjunction with self hypnosis. Just makes life more fun. So if you live in Warwickshire and are suffering from the effects of stress in your life give me a call.

EFT for Children Kids and Parents.

Emotional Freedom Techniques For Children.
Discover if emotional freedom techniques may help resolve your child's emotional problems and fears.
Emotional freedom techniques are being used more and more with children and are ideally suited for this. Being easy to use and also fun to do with kids, once they get the hang of it when they are of course old enough you may well find that they do it for them selves.

This of course has many advantages as they will learn from an early age how to remove their own fears, concerns, anxieties, worry and many other glitches that effect their parents. They wont have to go through what we did.

Emotional pain is part of learning how to survive in the world and can develop amazing talents and capabilities if handled correctly. They can learn self control, confidence, respect, tenacity, self concept and resilience and personal responsibility.

Real Self Defence Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK

Real Powerful Effective Personal Self Defence.
For Martial Artists, Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido or what ever your style, if you practice they are all good.

You may have found this page because you are interested in real self defence in the world. You may be a martial artist Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido or what ever your style, if you practice they are all good.

You may be looking for some fast, killer techniques to instantly stop or drop an opponent.

Someone who will badly hurt you, if you don't drop them fast.

Well, you have found them. But it's not what you think.

Unless you master these techniques the most lethal person you will ever meet will attack and hurt and emotionally cripple you every day. They are pretty close.

Self Hypnosis MP3 Downloads for EFT.

Self Hypnosis MP3's That Will Dramatically Speed Up Your Results with EFT.
I am going to personally recommend some self hypnosis mp3 downloads to you that will dramatically speed up your long term results with EFT. I use them and when you visit me in Leamington Spa I will recommend you use them as well.