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What happens when you have been doing eft for a few years, or can happen.

Have you ever wondered what happens after a few years of doing EFT?
I have been using EFT on my self for a while along with hypnosis and NLP, and I am often asked what happens when you have been using EFT for a few years?

I decided to take a look at how things have changed and have spoken to a few friends who are also practitioners, I have even gone over my pages of notes and mind maps as often it is difficult to remember stuff when it is no longer a problem.

That's one of the great things many years ago a friend of mine pointed out that if you say "I have forgiven whoever, you haven't."
If you had indeed forgiven them, you would also have forgotten about it.

If you want to remove something from your life, just remove it from your thoughts.
Or your energy field.

My emotional life has changed entirely, some time ago I wrote an article how to remove 1000 problems a year. It's true you can, I have so what happens when you have done this for ten years or so? Well, many things no longer bother you, many things that you thought were important are no longer.

People rarely P you off, unless it is to your advantage to allow them to think they have. When stuff does not arrive on time, I don't feel bad. If I receive poor service, I mention it, but I don't allow a total stranger to have the remote control to my feelings.

Many beliefs I had, disappeared as I realise how childish they were. Somethings that I devoted years of time, effort and money to are no longer critical.

I now rarely refer to my self as whatever, that is only one part of what I do or who I am. I can choose to believe something if it is useful at the time and then drop that belief as and when I decide.

I have let go of many friends and associates and made a few more. Many of our friends just support our inadequacies and as mine disappeared from me, so did the friends. Often time was spent with them out of needing companionship and boredom.

I also had annoyed and angered many friends and family as their opinion is just that an idea, whats right for them often is not for me. This has annoyed many of them.

I suppose the most significant change is that I am now responsible for how my life goes, the good, bad and ugly. That was a wake-up call, no one else to blame for how things are and no longer being able to play the victim role.

Realising that no one is responsible for how I feel or choose to handle at the moment. Things sometimes happen unpleasantly, but it is my choice how I deal with them and how I want to respond.

That I have to accept full responsibility for my self-healing through sickness or injury.

I have developed many paradoxical personalities and resilience skills useful skills to have in an ever-changing and uncertain world. Someone once said, "Change is the only permeant thing."

That's something that is often overlooked in personal growth and change. You have to give up security, go into the unknown and often go way outside your comfort zones. You will become someone different.

Many years ago I asked another mind master I know.
" Now I know all this stuff when will shit stop happing to me?"
He replied. "It never will, that's life get over it, but you will have some amazing tools and personal insights that will allow you to deal with it faster."

It took me twenty odd years to discover, or accept that reality, yet he is correct.

During the last ten years or so of using EFT, I have got it wrong more, failed more, messed up more, cried more, been frightened and scared more often, been nervous and uncertain.

If you stay in a comfort zone, it is usually to keep you comfortable, so when you go way outside it, you will be scared and frightened or remain as you are.

You see, the old mind master was right. I have the tools to deal with it faster.

During this time I have also giggled and laughed more, experienced more ecstasy and joy, more love and affection, more fun and excitement and seen and experienced more than I ever thought possible.

Many people get into EFT to fix some glitch and turn off some emotional problem, and it is excellent for that and if you do it correctly works better than most other systems out there. If you want to go further and you acquire a few other skills, it is one of the most amazing technologies for personal transformation.

But along the way, you may well have to let go of much of who you think and feel you now are. It is a great journey through.