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Sex and EFT
How you can improve your sex life with eft.

As humans who live on this planet we are sexual creatures, most people enjoy sex, and most would like more. However, most would like a better quality of adult fun time. Some even want less.

I will be discussing mature adult behaviours on this page.
If you are not up to this, and if this offends you (and remember
offence is a personal choice, so stop it), please leave this page now.

A study at Dartmouth College and they asked 16,000 Americans about Money, Sex and Happiness it revealed. “the more sex, the happier the person.”

As most people want to feel good, experience happiness, enjoy deep intimacy and love or desire more mind-blowing orgasms then looking at what may be getting in the way is essential to you and your partner or partners.

Most, if not all sexual dysfunction, have their roots in some unresolved emotional problem. This is why emotional freedom therapy and techniques are so potent in resolving these kinds of issues and improving your happiness with your sex life.

Emotional conflicts, secondary gain and subconscious incongruence may originate from your childhood, your past sexual encounters or your present relationships.

These emotional conflicts can show up as symptoms of excessive menstrual bleeding, infertility, loss of sex drive and libido, premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity, addictions, chronic pain, phobias, fibroids, cysts, obesity, anxiety, stress, heart conditions, vaginal atrophy, migraines and headaches. You know the joke about that one.

Thankfully if these symptoms are the result of immature emotional conflicts and unresolved issues you can quickly begin to remove them using the techniques we have available today. As a mature adult, you may face difficulties with your sex life we all do at some time.

You are experiencing problems due to natural ageing.
We do change as we get older and it can be fun.

You are allowing a younger you to control your life.
Social, parental, religious or self-conditioning.
Have painful memories from your past limiting you.

The problem may be with your partner.
You want to do things that your current partner feels uncomfortable with. Well, I can teach you how to avoid this causing your glitches. However, you can start by explaining this to your partner.

Your partner uses sex as manipulation on you.
Things have become boring.
You indulge in maintenance sex.
You would rather masturbate than have real sex.

One of the most significant problems we have to face is, do we want the changes? Are we prepared to face what needs facing to experience the pleasures we want for ourselves or partner?
Are we prepared to learn and grow and change?

Some don't, and that's OK.
The symptoms men and women can have may include:
Poor self-image, shame, insecurity, fear of abandonment, stress, time pressures, fear of pregnancy, feeling safe due to past experiences, intimacy issues.

Many end up choosing, consciously or subconsciously, to give up sex rather than to deal with the emotional work that needs to be done.

That is OK if you are on your own, it's your life, and you may live it in any way you choose. If you have a partner involved, then to improve your relationship you owe it to yourself and your partner to make the simple changes that are needed.

Beyond erotica and fantasy, there lies the possibility of an authentic, passionate, intimate dance in your relationship that allows for you and your partner's personal history and gender differences. Your emotional maturity to accept another’s needs and your willingness to explore and play has the potential to transform your life.

If you are currently experiencing sex or sexual problems, issues or glitches then consider using EFT. It will give you the emotional freedom you may desire.