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If you are currently in a highly emotional state or feeling very stressed this MP3 self-hypnosis recording will help you to feel better, fast.

It is designed to reduce your stress as quickly as possible.

EFT is a process in which you choose to change how you are currently feeling and if you have found this page, then my assumption is that you have chosen to do this.

Feeling stressed is usually because of something we have done, or not done. Within a few minutes of downloading this recording, you will begin the process of taking more control of your feeling and thoughts and emotional responses, so that you can feel better.

It is a self-hypnosis recording from Duncan McColl one of my old masters.
The recording will allow you to feel more calm and relaxed through you choosing to follow his instructions.

You will experience changes in your breathing and levels of relaxation, you become more relaxed. Have you ever noticed that when you are relaxed and calm, you don't get upset as often?

Physical, mental and emotional relaxation and calmness are common results of using this recording. If you know or have experienced EFT you can use it while tapping with the MP3.

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Therapy use many techniques of Hypnosis, NLP and Stoic practices. To allow you greater choice in how you will respond to past, present and future mental or emotional responses.

This self-hypnosis MP3 also contains subliminal's under Duncan's spoken voice. These are taken from the fears and anxiety recording. Often stress is the result of some real or imaginary event. Fear often plays a large part in our emotional responses.

Reducing fear and learning to control it, is a valuable decision. Over the last twenty-five years or so, this stress recording has helped thousands of people to reduce stress and stress responses in their lives.

It is often used while falling asleep in bed. Better quality of sleep is then enjoyed the hypnotic suggestions are accepted by your subconscious control levels of mind and it is not uncommon for clients to report. That they just feel better with us of this recording, things just don't seem to bother them as much.

Emotional Freedom Therapy does a similar thing. Often EFT clients will report that they just feel calmer, they experience fewer hassles in life and have realised that many of the things that used to upset them, now no longer do. Conscious self hypnosis and EFT are wonderful bed-fellows.

Below is a link you may click on so that you can listen to a sample of Duncan's voice.
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