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Be careful what music you listen to.

Music and song are a gorgeous part of most peoples lives and has the power to alter our states, inspire, and motivate us. We tend to play our music in a lazy way to change our states, that's OK.

But have you ever thought about the negative side of this?
Recently while doing a personal peace procedure I came across some old files in my mind, stuff I had never looked at or cleared out, and were just hanging around.

I opened them and found a whole load of songs that I had loved and often sang to my self when pottering around, and played on my computer a lot.

But. When I noticed the lyrics what the words were that I was repeating in my mind, what I was telling my self, what states I was creating, what the music was firing off.

What I was habitually doing while entering an altered state, some call it hypnosis and self-suggestion.

I almost vomited.

For some unknown reason, I was really filling my mind with "Crap" and unhelpful suggestions and creating painful emotions. I thought I was unique in doing this through music, so I started to look around and noticed I was not alone.

Thank the fairies.

I began to notice that many people also use music to change their state. I also started to see while floating around, that many people have old anchors associated with music.

A piece will come on the radio or TV, and instantly they will get transported back 20 years to some point in their lives, and all the old memories and associations and emotions will come flooding back.

This is great if the state entered is empowering but what if it brings back painful emotional memories, memories or feelings of loss and being powerless?

That can's be helpful, can it?

If you are into EFT NLP Self Hypnosis or any other kind of mental or emotional training it can be enlightening to take a look at the music you listen to and what you sing or hum inside your own mind.

Take the time to listen to the lyrics of your favourite song, if it empowers you great. If while listening to it you get depressed, or sad, or down consider removing this song from your life. The words of the song are replacing your own internal dialogue, what you are saying to yourself.

A fun game to play and I have to thank Gary Craig for this, is to rewrite the words of the song. Some tunes are just great, but the words are painful if you have one of these songs rewrite the words so that when you sing it to yourself, you are sending better things to yourself.

Just a thought.