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Hypnosis and EFT.

When you first think of EFT, you may not see the connection with hypnosis, yet the two linked. They happily nestle and sleep with each other all the time along with NLP.

It is for this reason that I will be placing on this site a page of powerful self-hypnosis MP3 downloads that you can use to increase your skills and pleasures in life.

So what is hypnosis?
Traditionally it was thought of as sleep, as usually symptoms seemed very similar. When I was first learning how to hypnotise people and myself back in the sixties, it was not uncommon to here. "You are feeling sleepy, close your eyes". Later when I trained as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, the techniques were still being used.

Stage hypnotists and I trained with two of the best. Paul McKenna and Mark Cummings. Continued with this angle as it is a lot easier to behave in a way that people already expect you to. Just makes life easier. So the public has an idea as to what it is and how they should behave when hypnotised.

So this is part of hypnosis and is still sometimes used. It is much more.
There is only self-hypnosis.

When someone else hypnotises you, and you go into a trance, you are doing as they suggest and direct you. You are running the show, and you can break the state anytime you want. Well if you choose to believe you can.

So if all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, it makes sense to learn how to enter and exit trances as and when we desire. So this does all this fit in with emotional freedom therapy and techniques?

So what is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is nothing more than how we are naturally designed to live, we all use it every day as we move in and out of our trances and hypnotic creations.

We are continually breaking states and moving into new ones. In fact, we have all become very good at our own, and most people only use negative self-hypnosis.

We all can do some very complicated tasks while not being consciously aware of the complexity of the job, like driving a car. If you drive, you may well have experienced a driving trance. When you can't remember the last ten miles, who was doing the driving?

Or you are one of those stupid people who can use a phone or text while driving. Or change the cd or mp3 track and shout to the kids or work out what you are going to cook tonight all while doing a very complicated task.

Your subconscious control mind is doing all this for you and plays a large part in who and what you are. Stored in there is all your habits, behaviours, opinions and memories and programs you live by, things you learnt and programmed into you at an earlier time.

Much of traditional and modern hypnosis and hypnotic techniques are designed to remove or change these subconscious programs in EFT they are called "writings on your walls".

Most of the time we live on autopilot with little awareness while we live sounds like a trance to me.

EFT is a combination of energy work and manipulation, hypnosis, NLP and other specific techniques all together in an elegant package. That if skilfully applied will combine all these techniques. Very similar to an expert martial artist who is fighting.

They may use kicking at a long, medium and close range, strikes and punches, blocks, parries, deflections, joint locks, throwing and tripping, groundwork, arm locks, strangles or may use energy techniques or psychology or weapons to mess with you.

Many of the martial arts masters I have trained with have also admitted they use time distortion and positive hallucinations to drop someone.

When you observe EFT in action as a hypnotist or neuro-linguistic programmer it quickly becomes apparent that much of the challenges and problems people have is in the skilful use of negative self-hypnotism, the clients own self-hypnosis.

So how do I use self-hypnosis?
Let me give you a few examples of how people use their self-hypnosis unconsciously and some of the results they get in everyday life.

Just imagine how much more powerful the results could be if they only knew how do do it with intent and learnt how to use it effectively. You can learn to use hypnotism to feel as you desire, to see the unseen and to transcend the natural. But, that's a different subject (DHE).

To understand some of this, you will have to have a little awareness of yourself, and I will assume you have this. Most people have, if not at the moment that's OK, you will still get it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly say to yourself ( Internal dialogue) I fancy X? It could be a mars bar, a cigarette, a drink whatever and you have one.

Maybe you are faced with an opportunity or challenge, and little voices in your mind start acting up (mind farts), I can't, I should, It might, it could, I'm scared. Many people tell me that they show themselves something and talk themselves in or out of things all the time.

They listen to little imaginary voices in their minds that seem to have massive power and when they tell themselves to do or not do something they do it.
This sounds like self-hypnosis to me.

Have you ever been on your own and gone into the kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee or start cooking, feeling fine?

While making the tea, whatever it is you begin to re-run an argument you had with someone. Or you go over time in your life when things did not go your way.

Over the next few seconds, you go over the whole argument (time distortion-hypnotic thing) listen to what you said what they said, (auditory hallucinations) and you begin to notice your emotions changing. (state control)

Over the next minute or so you may run and rerun the argument, change what happened, (rewriting history) see the person or situation, (visual hallucinations) what they said and what you said.

Now you are angry, annoyed, depressed upset and when we look at the video of you doing all this (yes we videoed it)

You are alone.

No one is in the kitchen with you. (Self-induced hypnotic fantasies)

You have not closed your eyes and taken a long slow deep breath.

You did it all in Beta brainwaves and while you were awake.

Sounds like really powerful self-induced hypnotic trance to me or how we are as human beings, and it may be a good time to learn how to do it with some intent and conscious control as it is this powerful. You are in effect running a fully interactive holodeck program.

By now you may be getting the idea that hypnosis is a natural and healthy way for us to live, it is. You may also realise that you learn how to control and program your subconscious control mind to act and behave as you choose.

You may also see how EFT uses hypnosis, when you remove imaginary feelings, or turn off tail-enders or negative dialogue, or decide to change your states and emotional responses, to be at cause in your life instead of the effect.

To no longer be a victim and to be responsible for your life.

A skilled advanced practitioner will also be, as they speak with you, embedded commands, post-hypnotic suggestions and other forms of hypnotic language patterns.

Skilled ones will also be using advanced neuro-linguistic programming techniques (NLP is just advanced hypnosis with lots of very cool stuff) to track your language patterns and noticing a host of other valuable information so that they can help you change quickly.

Emotional freedom techniques and hypnosis go hand in hand, consider learning how to use it skillfully on yourself, the self-hypnosis MP3 downloads we sell are a great place to start or give me a call.