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Help with Exam Stress Nerves and Anxiety.
Practical advice on how to get your grades more comfortable.

Exam stress, nerves and worry effects many thousands of people often long before they have to take the test. Your own mind and lack of emotional and mental control begin's to mess you up. It doesn’t have to be this way.

It does not seem to matter what your age is or if you are at school, college or university or just doing some other kind of test like you driving test or attempting to get your private pilots license, or get a martial arts grade, many people just fall to bits.

Way before the exam, they may well begin to feel nervous, and as the time gets closer for them to be assessed they get stronger feelings as they think about it the stress grows they start to feel sick and sometimes begin the process of

Out of control thoughts wiz through your mind and as the time gets closer you feel terrible. Over something that you have control over.

I have known many people who get physically ill or injured just they don't have to take the exam. If they do end up making it they have two lovely cop outs and self-created excuses for not doing very well or failing and failure.

1. If you fail, well you were injured or ill, so it was to be expected.
2. If you pass, well you must have been good to pass while being wounded or sick.

Not very good behaviours to install but many people do. So how do we get into this state?

Very few people are taught how to remember and make it fun and easy, even at school and universality it is your responsibility to learn active learning, remembering and memory techniques and strategy. It is not often taught.

If you know you have a test or exam, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the techniques to learn the stuff you need. So get hold of some good books and courses on natural and effective memory techniques.

One of the joys of life is that at school or teaching establishments is that they tell you all the answers before you take the test. You can even get hold of old exam papers to find out exactly what you have to do and what you have to know to get the result.

In real life, you usually only find out the answers after you have taken the test. Exams and quizzes are some of the most natural things to do as you are told all the answers before. Unlike real life.

Negative associations with learning, failing and being tested.
Many times we have old negative associations with education and being tested, it is essential to change these and remove the old negative anchors and install new beliefs. The more you get things wrong and mess up the more you learn.

Top salespeople only make a sale about ten per cent of the time, yet they are some of the highest paid people. Yet they work on a ninety present failure rate. The more they fail, the more they learn and earn, they are tested every day. When you can study free from fear of failure, you will enjoy the process much more.

As a child you may have some excuses for old negative associations and anchors towards learning, but if you are serious about passing or getting the grade. Time to get rid of them.

Negative self-hypnosis, habits and negative programming and unhelpful emotional responses are the most significant cause of problems students have with exam nerves, stress, anxiety, worry and all the other problems experienced when you know you are going to be tested and have to put yourself on the line.

The bottom line is you, and only you are responsible for what you think and what you do and how you feel, no one else. So all you have to do is learn how to control your mind and emotions and turn off your stress.

That's your responsibility one else’s, and thankfully these days we have fast effective and powerful techniques that will enable you to do this very quickly. But only if you learn them and practice them.

Then you will find exams, and tests and gradings pleasurable and fun, you will get the grades and pass the exams and tests easily. The skills will also serve you well in everyday life as your general stress levels will be reduced, you will feel less anxiety and have few worries.

As you are on an EFT site, yes, of course, emotional freedom techniques will help you with removing negative associations to learning, changing your old habitual responses and habits. Allowing you to learn faster and more comfortable. I also have some excellent self-hypnosis mp3 downloads ( Reduce Your Stress and Study Pass Exams ) that will assist you in the process.

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Below are other pages that you may find useful and they go through some powerful ways to help with exams, grades and being tested. If you need any help or advice, please contact me.

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