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Making Excuses and Rationalisation.
Isn't it about time you stopped lying to everyone, especially yourself.

That youtube video just about sums it up, dousing it?

Making excuses or rationalisation is an unconscious defence mechanism in which perceived, illogical, controversial behaviours or feelings are logically justified and explained away, usually to ourselves, rationally or logically to avoid any real explanation and made consciously tolerable by plausible means. We primarily lie to ourselves and those around us. And they also do the same.

I’m too weak.
Too slow.
Too big.
I ate too much for breakfast.
I’ve got a headache.
It’s raining.
My dog is sick.
I can’t right now.
I’m not inspired.
Makes me smell bad.
I’m allergic to the stuff.
I’m fat.
I’m thin.
It’s too hot.
I’m not right.
I’ve got shin splints.
A headache.
I’m distracted.
I’m exerting myself too much.
I’d love to really, but I can’t,
I just can’t.
My favourite show is on.
I’ve got a case of the Mondays.
The Tuesdays.
The Wednesdays.
I don’t wanna do this.
I wanna do something else.
After New Years.
Next Week.
Might make a mistake.
I got homework
I feel bloated.
I have gas.
I got a hot date.
My coach hates me.
My mom won’t let me.
I bruise easily.
It’s too dark.
It’s too cold.
My blister hurts.
This is dangerous.
Sorry, I don’t have a bike.
I didn’t get enough sleep.
My tummy hurts.
It’s not in my genes.
I don’t wanna look all tired out.
I need a better coach.
I don’t like getting tackled.
I have a stomachache.
I’m not the athletic type.
I don’t wanna get sweaty.
I have better things to do.
I don’t want to slow you down.
Do I have to do this?
As soon as I get a promotion.
I think I’ll sit this one out.
And my feet hurt.

A cool excuse for not finishing this tonight.
I am going to bed.