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Fear of falling off a bike and being injured.

EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding. Part 7.
A while back I injured my back, and although things were healing well as I put in the effort and learnt more about my body and how to use it when you think about it usually we get injured by what we have done, not always, but most of the time.

How we lift, how we move, how we sit, how we train and how we generally live, our lifestyle can play a large part in it, along with our emotional states.

When we are injured we want to protect the part and keep it safe, and we also give it a lot of attention, however when we have or are healing how often do we neutralise all the pain and negative feelings we had when we were injured?

I have been involved in a little project with my self, to remove negative feeling and thoughts I had surrounding riding my new Trek Road bike. I loved cycling but had noticed that certain feelings and thoughts were getting in the way.

A big one was a fear of falling off and re-injuring my back. As an experienced therapist, I had some useful tools at my disposal and had decided to tackle my own little glitches.

So once again I was in my favourite chair with a cup of tea, a pad of paper and some coloured pens. The mind map uncovered concerns of being injured and a flashback of being a child on a bike.

I now had two main concerns and lots of little-frightened voices in my head that fired off a whole host of negative emotions in me,

Cool. Negative emotions can be investigated, and if necessary turned off, negative associations could be removed, old outdated programs can be updated, and as an adult, it is my job to program and direct my own minds, the conscious and subconscious to do what I want.

So I started to play. Some of the concerns my inner child had and I also had consciously been.

Fear of falling off and re-injuring my back.
I might fall off.
I could get hurt.
What if I get it wrong?
If I fall the wrong way, I might get hit by a bus.
What if a driver does not see me and hits me.
I don't want to injure my back.
If I fall, I may cause some significant problems.
I could end up in a wheelchair.
I might be paralysed.
I've done so much and come so far, don't want to go through all that pain again.

Lots of "could" and "maybe" and "what if" and "mights". All real possibilities, however could, might, what if and maybe are not a certainty.

So we have a few options stay in cotton wool or realise that life involves risks and one day, we will all die, so no matter what I do I will die one day. The thing is how do I live, now so that it can be beautiful.

One of the things I learned a long time ago was an attitude of "
I will handle it".
This has served me well in different aspects of my life and has allowed me to play many games. It is an attitude you may want to develop.

I appeared to be getting down to some significant survival glitches, and all the concerns were real with evidence that hundreds, if not thousands of people had, in fact, experienced all of the above.

I created a state of exploration, trust and love to deal with this one. The state you are in when working on yourself or others will have a powerful effect on the results you get. Ross Jeffries calls it "energy, state and intent" Dr Richard Bandler says "you go first."

I decided to start with emotional freedom techniques as they often work faster and can save hours of work, in this case, I would also follow it up by sleeping to
Pilgrim Self Hypnosis MP3's a belt and braces approach I like to use.

Set up statement.
"Even though at the moment I have all these fears and concerns about being injured I love, accept and appreciate my self and forgive myself for any misunderstandings".

The intensity dropped. A new round.
"Even though I still have some concerns about injuring my back, what can I do or learn or what skills do I need to minimise the possible risks?"

That "
transderivational search" brought up some new answers.
Become more skilful, develop greater awareness on a bike, when riding plan escape routes, choose your routs or the times of your rides for safety. Cool more great skills to develop. I tapped these in as "new choices and habits" and re-calibrated on the intensity of the emotions.

They were way down, "almost nothing" however I have learnt that our subconscious mind has a positive intent for all of what we do and know it can be very sneaky sometimes only allowing us to uncover what it wants at the time.

I made a note that this was something that I must come back to and check on the intensity of any glitches and noticed that I had some concerns about the old injury. I decided to go for a ride to discover what had changed, we were almost there, I had a fantastic journey.

When I got back and had showered and changed, I decided to look at that "almost nothing" that I still had. A new mind map uncovered many negative associations with training and injury often to my back, I have been involved with martial arts and yoga for most of my life and down the years had received hundreds of injuries to my body.

That "little something" had to lead me to many times I had hurt my self and made mistakes. Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) are very effective at removing concerns and
subconscious incongruence that we all have, this time I decided to use a mixture of techniques (just a feeling I had) Involving left and huna.

Often when we think we are about to be injured we tense up in anticipation of the impact, this additional physical tension will slow us down and can lead us to freeze physically, emotionally or mentally. This often happens in martial arts and in life. It had become evident to me that at a subconscious level I was holding much fear and tension within me.

Many masseurs tell of massaging a client, and they will spontaneously release some painful emotion or memory, it looks like we may well hold emotional memories in our body and the subconscious fear of getting hurt will often get us hurt.

It seems like my inner kid had been beaten up and bruised by me hundreds of times and was expecting it to happen again. How would you feel about someone who kept hurting you?

Deep forgiveness and personal peace drill were in order along with some "deep, honest forgiveness", I had felt that we were coming near to the end I had a feeling of great calm flow over me, true contentment and an inner smile. I sent a message to the inner I's to let me know when they were ready to resolve this one, within the next 24 hours.

The final part of this article about my journey to have great pleasure when riding my new Trek bike.

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