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Fear and being afraid of building a website.
Fix it with EFT.

Many people want to build a website and just get on with it.
Most who desire a presence on the internet never get round to it, and usually, it is because of feelings of fear and anxiety, feelings they get in their bodies when they give it a go.

I used to suffer from this self-inflicted condition, about five years ago I decided that I needed a site to attract clients to my therapy practice in Leamington Spa Warwickshire.

I help people to change their lives using a mixture of hypnosis, NLP and EFT along with a dollop of common sense.

I had looked on the internet and asked people what the best way to go about it was and came across a complete package that said it was easy fast and fun and that I would have everything I would need. So I bought it.

Five months later the site was not up, and the training manuals were still unread.

What was going on?
Well, I discovered that at an unconscious level I had a lot of concerns about this project and a big part of me really did not want to do it. I had subconscious incongruence.

My inner kid was frightened and did not want to admit that it did not know what to do and would have to learn all this new stuff that was confusing and difficult and not pleasant to do.

I decide to play.
When you desire something at a conscious level of mind yet, you have problems ever getting round to it or keep putting it off, time to be an adult and improve your self-understanding this applies to me as much as everyone else.

Using the techniques I know I opened a can of worms of limiting beliefs and set about evolving just a little bit. Within a month the site was up, and I began to get clients through it. Great but I them had to work on learning and understand all this new stuff and at my age it was difficult, yet I did it.

I now have four main sites up and have built a couple of friends, and they are also getting enquires and clients from the sites. They have fear or are afraid of creating websites, so I have done it for them.

Yes I know I can teach them to overcome the fear but they are friends, and sometimes it is good to turn off therapy mode, and I get further experience.

So what do you do if you want a site and are mature enough to realise that you have some subconscious glitches?

Well, if you have realised this, you are on your way. Now action. The first thing to understand is that it is not as easy as every one will tell you, there is a lot for you to learn and do, this is a reality that you will have to face many hours of reading and getting things wrong. Unless you happen to be young or a natural at this or have a burning passion for computers and the internet, then it will be more comfortable.

So you will have to take massive action and if when you chose to do this little voices in your head say I can’t be bothered or it’s hard or any one of a thousand excuses your subconscious mind will make up. It’s time to learn really learn how your own brain works.

You can, of course, seek the advice of an experienced therapist who will help you to gain in-depth understanding, you can learn how to do it your self, using hypnosis, NLP or EFT and lots of good advice is free on the internet.

Now does this mean that the problem will never surface again?
No. As you grow and develop new little glitches will surface, but you will have the skill to deal with them. Let me give you an example.

Recently a very good friend of mine told me about the success he was having by making and placing on youtube short video adverts linked to his website. "Do it?" he said. Now I like and respect this guy he also happens to be a brilliant internet marketer so when he gives advice, I listen to him.

My subconscious control mind did not want to do it. It will be hard, we have so much to do, I don’t know how to make video’s, What if they are crap. Here we go again.

However now I know more. So I put on the mac some compelling subliminal suggestions I have. Put mike Oldfield on the CD player Went to level and requested my subconscious mind to let me know what the problem really was. She did.

So over the next twenty minutes with the subs playing and a gentle, loving approach to my self as my inner kid told me what was frightening her I used EFT and tapped away the concerns. It only took twenty minutes.

A month later a hundred videos on the internet concerning hypnosis and therapy all pointing to my four main sites.