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Help with Fear of Flying Warwickshire.

Many people are afraid of flying and often experience worry, panic, fear and anxiety about getting on board an aircraft. Some have even developed a phobia about it, aviophobia. It messes up thousands of lives every month.

Family holidays are cancelled or changed, relatives and loved ones are not seen, job promotions are turned down, income is lost, beautiful experiences are thrown away for silly irrational fear.

Airline staff suffer abuse from frightened members of the public who attempt to board or do get on board an aircraft drunk or on some other form of drug influence.

I will lay my cards on the table.

I went through all the training to qualify as a pilot flying microlights. I have also flown GA aircraft in my time. I was a private pilot who owned a couple of aircraft in the past and got into trouble. Even crashed one and walked away. And helped a good friend to build two that still fly safely.

So I do have a different angle on aircraft and aeroplanes. I know a little bit more about them than maybe you do. I have also panicked while flying and been very scared. I dealt with it and fixed it.

So what you have. Is a very experienced therapist who was also a pilot and admits to being frightened in an aircraft at times. Who learnt how to fix the problems I had with flying not just me as P1. But also being piloted by others.

So just a bit different from the average therapist who may try and help you.
I have been there, done it, have the tee shirts and still love flying in all types of aircraft in all kinds of weather.

Down the years I have helped many to overcome their fear of flying (which often isn't, more of that later) even assisting other pilots who lost their bottle and enabled them to continue flying.

So now that you have an idea as to who may be helping you later let's get back to this article.

Flying in a modern commercial aircraft is one of the safest ways to get around this planet. They cost millions of pounds and are built to very high standards and have numerous backup systems. Far more than you get as a private pilot.

The pilots and aircrew are all trained to very high standards and know what they are doing. So the chances of something going wrong are very slim. They have spent tens of thousands of pounds, usually of there own money to get into that seat up front.

They have taken examinations in meteorology and weather, human performance and limitations, aircraft and engine technology, Aviation law, navigation with map and compass. Just to begin.

When training to be an airline pilot, they did it all again just to a much higher standard. They have more medicals than you and have practised emergency situations hundreds of times. There is also another qualified pilot sitting next to them who plays there role.

The People Up Front Know What They Are Doing. They have far more significant emotional control and skill than you currently do.

So why do many still panic? So why do millions of otherwise logical, rational and intelligent people have totally irrational fears of flying? They turn in to frightened children at the thought of going on board an aircraft.

Down the years I have found that often the thoughts of a plane at thirty thousand feet, as they sit warm and dry, drinking something while watching a film is not what frightens them.

They are not afraid of flying it is other things that they are doing to themselves that scare them. Yes. You do it to yourself.

We need to find out what is really causing the worry and panic and along the way let them know that they are doing it to themselves and teach them how to stop it. That's really being in control.

Often it is other things.
Claustrophobia can play a role, being in a small cabin with three hundred other people.
Little room to move.
No option to get out or leave.
Stuck in there for one, three or ten hours.
Acrophobia (fear of heights).
Worried about turbulence.
After 9/11 some frighten themselves with fear of terrorist attacks.
A few have real memories of injury in aircraft. It does happen life is like that.
Memory's associated with flying in the past.
Lack of control for the next few hours, and if you are scaring yourself you don't have control anyway.

Of course, learning how to be in control using EFT will fix all of these glitches.

Sometimes it is not the aeroplanes fault. Hassles at the airport or a bad holiday, sitting next to a fat person, screaming kids on the plane, or something that happened around the time can get attached to flying. It is all the associated things and pockets of emotions around the incident that need clearing.

Secondary Gain.
Some people will use excuses as to the reason they won't fly. In many social situations, you can get a lot of extra attention from being afraid of flying and can manipulate many people around you.

The above are just some of the reasons why many have a worry, fear and anxiety, panic and sleepless nights about a planned trip.

A good therapist will ask the right questions and help you uncover the real reasons why you get scared thinking about an aeroplane and teach and help you to overcome it.

I use a mixture of hypnosis, NLP and EFT to help my clients to overcome what they often think is a fear of flying. Sometimes it is real, often other reasons are the cause of the symptoms they are experiencing.

So if you are looking for an experienced therapist with thousands of hours of experience who has been scared of flying and overcame his fears. Consider contacting me for practical help to overcome your problem.

The techniques you learn and the skills you develop will also help you with other concerns you may have in your life. If you do not face and defuse your fears, they will continue to control you.