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EFT Procedure for
Getting Down To Studying.

This is part three of how I overcame the total lack of desire to study and was indulging in self-sabotage and was a victim to my inner child, something I would never usually do. Now I had become aware of it, I can change it.

As you may remember I had silly little childish voices telling me they did not want to do it and this was generating unpleasant and unhelpful emotional responses in my body.

I was behaving like a child, not a mature, responsible adult with control of my life. I was being a little victim.

I had become aware that this was WHAT I WAS DOING and had

This is the first part of coming of
automatic autopilot responses and taking back control of our body-mind-emotional system.

In this case, until I realised that possible some younger part of me, or some old programme was causing a conflict and preventing me from doing what I consciously wanted, that I had subconscious incongruence running.

Good job it is easy to fix.

So I became aware of all that was going on using a quick mind map, all the excuses I was making up. Reasons are
lies we tell ourselves.

When we write out the rubbish we are saying in our heads and say it out loud, most of the time it sounds like the total rubbish it is. That is why when you do your emotional freedom drills and tap, you say out loud, what you are feeling.

Telling it as it is, is a vital part of using EFT and of its self, can be a big eye opener and clears many issues. You question the authority of the little voices and call on BS.

If you are beginning EFT, you may have a slightly different setup statement. However, I am very good at this and like to work fast with me.

So I wrote out these setup statements for my tapping drills.

“Even though I am meant to be an adult, I am here with a load of silly voices in my mind telling me they don’t want to study and learn the stuff I have decided to learn”.

silly little voices went quiet. When you do this, yours may not, and you may have to do a bit of work to turn them all off, but it is worth the effort.

I still had some bad emotions in there. OK.

“Even though I have some negative emotions about learning this stuff if I could get rid of them in the next thirty seconds, what would I do, to do this?”

Yea, that last set up statement is a little different and uses some of the advanced stuff we use. You can just stick to the “basic drills.”

I found myself walking to the TV, turning it off.
Turning on the computer.
Loading some great hypnosis subliminal that I use.
Putting on the kettle and making a cup of tea.
Coming back to the computer smiling.

I learnt more in the next hour than I had in the previous few days and it was no effort. When you have an emotional glitch with learning and studying or even with taking exams it is always due to inappropriate emotional responses, you are running some kind of
secondary gain or subconscious incongruently.

Your subconscious mind does not want to do it. Remove that glitch, change the unhelpful programme, get the boss on your side and things run smoothly. Explaining what I did has taken far longer than doing it.

If you are stuck with your study EFT is a great fast way to help you study and learn faster.

If you need any help with learning and studying get in touch.

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