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Habits and Autopilot Responses.
Until we know what we are doing habitually and on autopilot, we have no choices.

Habits and Autopilot Responses are essential for your survival, thousands of everyday tasks you do without even thinking about them and this allows you to go through your everyday life attending to all the things you have to do on a daily basis.

It frees up your conscious mind to do other stuff, so you just do, sometimes very complicated things without even being aware of what you are doing. You drive your car without usually thinking, and it is a very complex task, yet most of the time you are unaware consciously of what you are doing. Very cool stuff.

Being on autopilot and allowing something to become a good habit, so that you do them without thinking is an excellent thing to do.

Being able to eliminate habitual negative thinking and developing a positive and realistic autopilot response has many benefits to your everyday living reality. Not having to work at exercise or training, or developing a habit of always being in a good state when you are with the love of your life.

Developing the mental habit of using emotional freedom techniques is an excellent habit to install.

With practice, EFT will become almost automatic, and many clients have reported that in time they don't even have to do the drills. Just the thought of doing turns the feeling off.

I have noticed for some reason during the adverts on TV I will pick up some weights and do a little workout when I am making a cup of tea I will use the time to do some stretching utilising the kitchen worktops to support my leg. Every time I look at one of my bikes I find myself smiling.

Developing the habit of gratitude. This simple habit has many benefits.

Many autopilot responses and habits are very beneficial to us, but what happens if these mental loops are not. Having an auto-pilot habit of reaching for a cigarette or eating unhealthy food or drinking a bottle of wine or vodka every day may not be the most life-enhancing thing to do.

Yet many people will allow these habits to become automatic and do them without even thinking.

One day you wake up fat, overweight maybe with the realisation that you drink far too much or suddenly realise that you are killing yourself through smoking.

There are many ways to change these auto-pilot responses and habits you can use great self-hypnosis recordings, become aware of and use EFT on a daily basis, you got the habit in the first place through using self-hypnosis anyway.

You can use neuro-linguistic programming a fantastic way to run your own head. Or you can use emotional freedom therapy techniques which combines the other two and adds a lot more. Sort of a belt and braces approach that works exceptionally well.

Becoming aware of what you do on autopilot is the first step in creating a new habit and creating a new positive life-enhancing behaviour. If you don’t know what they are how can you change them?

Once you become aware of them just find your reasons for changing your habits, and they have to be good reasons, you have to want the change and the benefits, and this may involve doing some kind of ecology check.

This will point out any secondary gains, and your subconscious mind agrees with the changes and will fully support you in making the new habits run automatically and without effort.

One of the things you can do is to get out of this comfort zone, this will begin the process of change and is one of the keys to using EFT.

If you find yourself reaching for a cigarette just stop, you have now become aware of an APR, then you can do your drills and begin the process of change and rewriting your old habits and creating a new one.

Tapping while saying. "even though I have just become aware of reaching for a cigarette, I love, accept and forgive myself." Will have a significant effect on changing this habit.

Asking yourself. "Do I really want this in my lungs is this something, that at the moment will enhance my life or be destructive?" Can have great benefits. You may get some subconscious mind farts to come up, so just become aware of them and tap them away.

Of course, not all automatic things are bad, many are good helpful and useful, your job or the job of a good therapist is to find the good ones and remove the unhelpful ones. You can play some fun games as well. One of the things I like to do involves making my first cup of tea for the day.

I habitually get up in the morning make my bed, skipping into the living room turn on the mac and then go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, all on auto-pilot, without thinking.

What I sometimes do just before going to bed, just to mess with my habits and what I do on autopilot, is to move the kettle to the other side of the kitchen, move the mugs to a different cupboard and change were the tea and coffee live.

I will habitually go to the old locations first, however, now everything has changed around I have to think, when I do this I always find I am smarter and more creative that day.

Another useful game is to change the locations of your icons on your desktop and move the toolbar. Again it encourages creativity and lets you come off autopilot and begins the process of you becoming more fully in control.

This is a fun thing to do, and it only takes a day or so to get used to the new locations, usually by the next day you have created a new habit. A few days later you can put them all back and realise how uncomfortable it is to go back to the old locations. It really does not take long to change a habit.

If you want to make some powerful changes in your life becoming aware of your autopilot responses and habits. Decide which ones are helping you, keep them and make them even more exquisite and powerful.

The ones that are unhelpful or are hurting you physically, mentally or emotionally get rid of, along the way you will find out many fun things about yourself and grow. Along the way, you will change and get out of many of your comfort zones as you improve your habits and autopilot responses.