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“I’ll Handle It”
An attitude that will give you real personal power.

“I’ll Handle It” is something that was looking back I had known about most of my life but it was not until I went through a copy of Geoff Thompson book? That I discovered it in words, now I see it everywhere. A phrase that I could install in my mind to automatically fire when things went "Tits up" (I have also installed "this could be fun".) Something that would be more beneficial than the other negative internal dialogue and autopilot responses that I had been used to.

It's not for victims and the emotionally immature, you know the kind of person who blames others for what they are experiencing, people who blame someone else or something else for the situation they are now in, for something they did or did not do, for something they never bothered to learn or made excuses for avoiding.

It's for people who value themselves and want to take active responsibility for life and do whatever it takes to survive whatever life throws at them, and sometimes we all seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This attitude does not mean it will always go your way life is not like that and often we learn more by facing and living through adversity, than if it had never happened and things will go wrong. When they do, you will, with this attitude be in a commanding position to make the most of the situation and survive.