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Stress and Your Health

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT is a great way to improve your health as you reduce your stress.

It has been known for a long time that prolonged stress has a dramatic effect on our health and it does seam likely that many of todays illnesses are related to the misunderstanding of stress.

Doctors and research scientists are very aware of the
negative effects of stress in our lives and each year billions is spent on research in this area.

I often wonder what would happen if half of this money was put in to teaching people how to handle, deal and remove the emotional effects of stress. You can with a little time, effort and money to no longer be stressed.

When we become
stressed some very cool things happen in our body. Mother nature, God, evolution whatever, has designed our bodies to do certain things when we perceive danger.

This danger can be real or it can be a possible threat and when you think about it , it is a very good idea to have a system built in that also looks out for things that might hurt or harm us.

Thats why we can feel the effects of this even if it is not real, we have just imagined it. Our
subconscious minds have difficulty telling the difference between what is real and what is imaginary for this reason.

If it is a possible danger it wants to protect you. It will get you to
freeze, that way you might not be seen. We also notice this in people who know they should be doing something, like exercising or getting the accounts up to date, but don't.

It will get you to
run, get away from the danger as soon as possible a very good idea.

Or it will prepare you to
fight, condition Black all bets are off, you stop the threat or it takes you out. A fantastic system and it seams to work very well. The trouble is many people think a low level threat is a real life or death situation.

Due to a lack of understanding and training, their mind think this non life treating situation is life treating. The subconscious mind is over sensitive to the threat.

We have an expression,
"puppy stress" it basically means over reacting to a situation that really is un-important and if you took action it may never arise. Emotional freedom therapy is fantastic for handling this, I suggest you use it

A few years ago I had a client who would come to see me every few months who was suffering from real stress. They would fly in from a third world country, where real stress existed.

This person had a real possibility of being killed on a daily basis and had lost many friends, family members in acts of violence. The home was a fortress and had armed guards and they were always armed even in the house.

Imagine living and sleeping with that going on.

The problem is our subconscious mind can believe a situation of your boss not being nice to you, or your mother in law, or your kids, or the banks not lending you money, or the tax man wanting to take away your BMW, or feelings of worry or anxiety to be as real a threat to your survival.

If and when this happens, your body and mind does some fantastic things to protect you and increase your chances of survival. In a perceived life or death situation things will happen to your mind and body that many people are unaware of and may never have experienced before.

I won't go in to them now as this article is about just one of them. Your immune system shuts down.
If you think about it your immune system works all the time protecting you from invading nasty things, it is always on. This takes a vast amount of energy to run.

It is one of your life support systems so is very well built. But it does take a lot of juice to be on constant alert.

If you have ever watched
"Star Trek" you may have seen situations when the Enterprise is in a dire situation and Captain Jean-Luc Picard is in a life or death situation and they may be going down. The shields are failing and he needs more power to defeat the opponent.

What does he do? Often he diverts energy from life support to the weapons or shields. In these situations one of only two things will happen. They will live or they will die. If they live then they can repair, or rebuild or heal, but right now they need all the energy they can get their hands on to
survive. So things that are not needed are shut down.

subconscious control mind can do the same with you. One of the things that often happens is that our immune systems will shut down until the danger has passed then it can come back on line and start to heal any damage. But what happens if it keeps getting signals that the danger has not passed, the stress gets fired off on a regular basis.

You get the idea?
Most stress is self inflected in our lives, what fires it off wont kill us, but due to misunderstanding or lack of awareness we can feel that these things are a very real danger to our survival.

EFT is a very effective way of dealing with stress,
real or imaginary, you can learn to change your subconscious behaviours and programme different emotional responses to situations in to your mind.

Having a strong effective immune system is vital to a healthy life, when we feel stress we often feel down and unhealthy. At times we all get ill or have health problems, that's life get over it. We can often reduce the amount of time it takes to heal and increase our chances by turning off stress.

It is difficult when you are down or ill it is something you have to work at, or more correctly learn to do. Reducing fear, anxiety worry and negative emotions at a time when you are feeling ill will help your immune system and give it a better chance of helping you to heal.

If you are already healthy then it makes just as much sense to learn to handle stress. It just makes the quality of your life increase and you tend to have more fun and enjoyment. You are also a nicer person to be around and tend to have better relationships and smile more.

Learning to handle stress is one of life's master keys and the time and effort it takes will only positively effect the rest of your life.
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