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How to get ill.

The internet and bookshops are full of information on how to be healthy, life to 160 while still having sex ten times a day and all manner of amazing new developments.

They all instruct us on being healthy, and I am sure they all work, however, have you ever wondered how to get ill?

It is a curious fact that we all know what to do to increase our chances of staying healthy and living a wonderful life. Yet when we look around us and notice how we choose to live why are we not doing it? It is almost as if we are spending lots of money and much time and effort in trying to take our selves out.

If I asked you what you would have to do to increase your chances of becoming ill, get a fatal illness or disease, reduce your income and mess up your life, have shit relationships, you would say something like.

Live a fast life with lots of stress and anxiety, Worry and Fear.
Stress is a great way to suppress your immune system, so it does not protect you, lower your IQ, become over emotional and really screw up your relationships, which will, of course, lead to more stress, anxiety, worry and fear.

We all know that we create our own stress, no one does it to us, it is just how we choose to respond to what happens, so we have to decide to react in negative ways that we know will hurt us.

Avoid learning how to handle it so that it affects all areas of your life. You will find millions of people around you who will support the illusion that there is nothing they can do about it.

This is great for them and for society in general as governments would fall if God's forbid people ever considered that they can have personal power.

Don’t get enough exercise.
We all know that reasonable amounts of movement and exercise are very beneficial to our general health and well being.

Keep making up excuses to continue with this lifestyle. This is a perfect thing to do. It will also help you to develop many other beneficial problems that will lead to illness and different kinds of issues.

Eat unhealthy foods.
Eat fatty foods and have take-away's and lots of sugar and drink lot’s of coffee, because if I do this and don’t exercise, I will put on weight and increase my chances of getting ill. I will also entirely ignore comfort and emotional eating, which as I know I should learn to handle but I know that if I don't, I will become unhealthy.

Make sure that you also drink to excess. Lots of booze is a great way to get SDI's, unwanted kids, get into trouble with the cops, get severely injured, hurt people and drive away friends, loved ones and increase my self-sabotage and paranoia.

This is always a good thing to do as it is a poison and if you do a lot of it, you can really mess up some of the essential organs in your body.

You may also be able to get lot’s of sympathy from the people around you. Especially if you can find someone who needs an alcoholic in their lives, you know them, people who get secondary emotional gain from choosing to stay with people who drink too much.

Cigarettes are useful as the evidence is out there that it can really help you to die younger, along the way you will also be able to use it as an excuse because you chose not to handle the stress in your self-induced life. If you can get hooked on some kind of drug as well, it will be even better.

There are lots of legal medical ones to choose from. You then also have an excuse to continue with it, and it’s legal.

Even better if you know all this and can get some scum bag solicitor to attempt to get the company, who produced the product you wanted and choose to use, and wanted to use, and paid money to use and at the time enjoy.

You can get all your money back and more, to get you money for something you chose to do.

Blame others.
This is a really great way to become ill. Look, many people do this, and we are surrounded by people who want to blame others for their lives and more importantly for their emotional experience.

Research shows that your emotional life and how well you live and the quality of your lifestyle is deeply linked with how emotionally stable and the amount of responsibility you take for your own life.

So make sure you become a total victim, with no personal responsibility for your thought, emotions, feeling or what you do or say, blame your education, parents, sex, age, government, even become so childish that you blame the weather for how you feel.

Make sure that you hate your life.
Get a marriage that is unhappy, become unhappy with a partner. Avoid learning to make good choices with your relationships and never learn how to handle and deal with people. Stay in a job that you don’t like. Stay unhappy, blame others for your life, take no personal responsibility, feel trapped and continue to do nothing to change yourself or your situation.

If you do one or two of these things, you will dramatically improve your chances of getting ill. If you are really serious, do a few of them, and I can say that you will be able to get sick with something.

I have asked many people what it takes to get ill and unhealthy, they have almost all said the same kinds of things. It does seem that we all know how to become sick and reduce our chances of living a good life.

In all ways, you are responsible for your life, and a few hypnotist friends of mine have pointed out that I need to say.

This article is for entertainment and information purposes only. Any suggestions and thoughts that you have chosen to evoke in your mind you will just accept if it is for your benefit and incurs no cost to me.

Just a thought.