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EFT for Health
emotional freedom therapy and a healthy lifestyle.

EFT. Emotional Freedom Therapy is of immense benefit in improving your health and well-being. Health and happiness do go hand in hand. A happy person usually is healthy and enjoys life to the full. Many people limit their health by unhelpful habits and beliefs, this is an area that we as therapists are very powerful at changing.

If your habits in life include exercise, eating well, relaxing, useful stress, great sleep, incredible sex and suitable income then you will have a great experience. EFT will allow you to change your unhealthy habits, remove self-destructive thinking and allow your body to do what it is very good at. Allow you to be healthy.

Emotional freedom techniques for health usually fall into four categories.
1. Fixing, healing or improving a health problem using EFT.
Removing pain or discomfort.

2. Reframing or allowing you to develop the coping skills when a physical issue does not change.
Where your daily emotional responses need to be different.

3. Where you have decided to make changes to who you are so that your lifestyle turns into a healthier one.
You want to design who you will have to become.

4. Stress and Health.
As stress contributes in some way to most illness. Learning to handle it is a life skill.

The links below (as they go on) will take you to other pages that will deal with the specific applications using emotional freedom techniques.
So if your health problems are showing the symptoms of being:
Over Weight.
Eating Disorders.
Poor Diet.
Lack of Exercise.
Unsafe Practices.
Do you know that you should get more exercise?
Drink less?
Eat a healthy diet?
Learn to relax and change the stress in your life?
Get out of that awful job or relationship?

I may be of some help to you.
If you have tried to change some unhealthy habits. If you want to give up doing something that is hurting you. If you know what you should be doing but just can't. If stress is making you ill. If you have a physical problem that is causing you distress and need to change your emotional responses so that you can be at ease.

If you are serious and committed to being heather and living a beautiful life, I will help you to find the way.
Thankfully all these setbacks are controlled by your own mind. Often it is your own thoughts and feeling that are preventing you from making the changes.

You can change what you think and how you feel about anything, it is just that you don’t know how to do it Yet.

Although EFT is mainly used to increase peoples quality of life allowing a healthier and stress-free existence, it is increasingly being used in more severe illness and disease. It has for many years been realised that many diseases are caused by stress and negative emotions, in fact, I know of many people who after a period of stress got very ill.

Disease and Illness. Emotional Freedom Technologies has and is proving useful in this area of life. Sometimes a person is very ill in these cases it is possible to change a person's emotional life so that the illness is not so painful.

It is well known that stress causes many illnesses within our body, effectively helping in this area of someone's life can dramatically improve their health. If you would like to discuss your possibilities for improving your health.

You demonstrate what is important in your life.
By what you do.
Not what you say.