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Would you like your own 3-D fully interactive Holodeck Just Like in Star Trek?

You have within you a personal holodeck just like on starships and starbases that you can use to run fantasies, training simulations, test out new strategies or behaviours and explore possible futures, real or imaginary.

It is a fantastic ability of your creative mind and can be used to allow you to learn new habits, strengthen old positive one or just to play and have fun and surprising adventures, and it is linked to the creative use of emotional freedom techniques.

Because your subconscious control mind often, is unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary, you can also get all of the physical feelings and emotions as if it was happening. You will think and feel it is real.

It will feel completely real to you, and you can take it as far as you desire. You are also able to have a mobile emitter just like the doctor on Voyager so that you can leave the holodeck and move around your world and still play the programs.

This fantastic process uses many of the natural abilities of your mind that you already possess and many of these techniques you already use in your everyday life. All you need to do is to learn and master a few techniques, practice and let go of a few mental processes.

If I put an advert like that on the net, I probably would make a fortune from treckies who want to be able to do this. Yet all I said above is true. So if there are treckies out there who would like to do this, drop me a line. For the rest of you who got here from one of my sites,

How does this relate to personal change?
Many people are able to run a holodeck program a training simulation in an unhelpful way. For example, many people are able to experience, fear, panic worry and anxiety, over something that is not happening in life at the moment, in reality, may never happen, that is taking place in an imaginary future. That does not exist unless they keep doing what they are doing.

Someone can sit on my sofa and get themselves worked up into a state of anxiety over flying next month. They really do get all the symptoms of fear, worry and anxiety and all the physiological changes that go with it. I only allow it to last for a few seconds and then we turn it off.

Yet for that time, if you asked them they were entirely associated in a disaster holodeck sim, with their internal dialogue saying all the things, it will mean in their future. Fully experiencing the fantastic event as if it were real. They are in a holodeck fully experiencing fear, anxiety and worry.

They are not in an aircraft at 30,000 feet, on a plane, in the sky.

They are at 4 feet on a sofa in Leamington Spa. Having a cup of tea in a beautiful living room.

Now. If we are able to do this with all the things that frighten us, as a natural ability of our minds, without training and control. Just imagine what is possible through using the techniques of EFT and the other mental disciplines that we teach.

You, with a little practice, would be able to turn off the imaginary fears, reprogram you holodeck program for new behaviours. Test new states and then load them into your subconscious mind as instructions for how you will behave in your future.

You train yourself to become someone different.
All the other things that I mentioned earlier are possible with more advanced training and practice. Gaining a higher degree of your emotional life and directing your brain to work as you desire is really no different from learning to set your Mac computer to run as you want.

You can go on trips to distant places, shifting realities, create imaginary friends who appear when you need them, or just play with entirely realistic holographic projections for your own amusement.

You can also do what the military and aviation industry do and create simulations and training programs that teach you how you will behave in a possible future should it really happen.

So you do have your own 3-D fully interactive holodeck, just like in “Star Trek”.

So how are you going to use it?