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Inner Child.
Don't let your Inner Kid run your life.

If you tap in on the internet my inner child or the inner kid, you will find many pages and articles about your inner child.
The majority deal with all the lovely beautiful aspects of kids. You know all the good stuff, love, innocence, joy like quality the smiles and giggles.

Getting in touch with your inner child and making friends with it for you to have a better more creative life is a great thing, but it is not all fun and games.

When you are exploring yourself and learning to control and master your own mind and emotions especially if using EFT you very quickly realise that being like a child is not a great thing to do.

I do sometimes wonder, have many of these authors ever spent time with children? Do they have any? Have they ever been one?

A child's life may be full of wonder and exploration but what about the fear, uncertainty, being entirely dependant on adults.

What about the anger, rage, terror, misunderstanding, selfishness, cruelty, the joy of hitting, pinching, kicking, biting, picking on younger or weaker kids?

Have they done some beneficial "rewriting personal history."

Spend some time around children or honestly remember what you were like as a child and you quickly realise they are not all they are cracked up to be. It is not their fault, children have to do these things to survive and grow and learn.

I am not against children, but as a therapist and personal coach, you have to take the rose coloured glasses off to help your clients and remember a big part of emotional freedom techniques is self-honesty and telling it as it is.

Mother nature, evolution and the universe has to dump some potent chemicals into our bloodstream for an adult to look after a child.

Many of our emotional problems come from our early times. Later in life, unless we rewrite or correct the misunderstanding, we can have many emotional issues and limitations.

This can be a big eyeopener for many. It is not uncommon to help someone who comes along with emotional insecurity or weight problems to discover that it started as a child.

"I never felt loved as a child" or "I always had to finish everything on my plate" or mum or dad was fat and overweight. Or "I was frightened as a child by a spider."

As a child "I had very few friends, and I don't have many now" "I started to smoke when I was fifteen."

They are in touch with their inner child it is still running their life and messing it up.

If you would not let a child drive your car or have access to your bank card and pin number.

Why would you let it be responsible for your habits, behaviours, lifestyle choices or emotional responses?

Many problems that therapist or personal trainers deal with started as a child. However, we are no longer children, and as adults, it is our responsibility to develop the self-awareness to discover what we are still running from our past that is no longer beneficial to us.

We all have been conditioned since birth to behave in specific ways, vital to growing up and surviving social behaviours and restrictions. Rules of the road so that most can drive safely.

However some of these rules do not apply to us when you start really playing with EFT, you not only remove outdated childish behaviours and responses and learn to choose how you will feel and respond.

You can also learn what rules apply to you and if they were designed for a child, change them.

A while back I helped a runner to dramatically improve their performance along the way we also changed an old rule that was restricting their life. We discovered that his inner child was still running the show and not him when he went our running.

He always stopped at the kerb, looked right, left and right again and if all was clear. He crossed the road while still watching and listening. Once he uncovered this rule, he was able to change it.

Now as an adult he can override this rule if nothing is coming and it is safe to just run across the road, for him.

As an adult, he has that choice.

EFT is a truly excellent tool for removing personal limitations and becoming more effective in your world.

Can you imagine what it would be like trying to have an adult relationship, with another adult? Who's life is run by an irrational inner child?

God forbid two adults, trying to do it when both of them are being run by four-year-olds.

Just a thought.