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Our internal dialogue.

Our internal dialogue is very powerful it will affect how we interact with the world and how we view ourselves.

Some people don't even know they have one, but most people are aware of it and the effects it has on their lives, usually in a negative way.

It's our self-talk, what we say to ourselves on a daily basis and how we view ourselves and is involves in our levels of self-confidence, self-concept, self-respect and self-esteem how good we feel about ourselves.

Many of the problems people have with these can be fixed merely by changing what they tell themselves about themselves

Many problems people experience from depression to body image, to public speaking and social anxieties and all worry and fear can be dramatically helped or removed by changing our internal dialogue.

We may along the way have to deal with secondary gain and subconscious incongruence, but that is just part of the deal.

A beneficial thing to ask clients when they have a problem they desire to remove is.
" How do you do that?"

Often after a bit of uncertainty and joking, they usually say something like, "Well I tell my self". This can be an eye-opener for many to discover that when they say or hear a voice inside there minds that say's for example. "Time for a cigarette" and they have one, or a voice that says. "I don't like my boobs, or bum or hair" and they feel bad.

Always we have an internal dialogue, some little voice that is telling them something and because of lack of awareness they just go on to autopilot and believe it and often do what it says.

For many people, it has absolute power and authority in their life. You have the authority to recall the power you gave them.

One of the most potent things therapists do is to allow our clients to become aware of these little voices that do seem to have power over them and dictate how they are going to live.

It is for this reason that hypnosis is so useful and if what some part of us tells us something and we just do it, why learning to control and direct our own thoughts is so important. It's almost like many people are regally using negative self-hypnosis many times a day and are totally unaware of it.

Thankfully emotional freedom techniques are instrumental in helping you to change modify and if necessary just turn off these little voices in your mind. You can even replace a negative voice that always got you to light up a cigarette with one that says. "Just breath a little deeper and enjoy", and it will be just as effective.

Having all the voices in your mind supporting you change's the quality of your life. NLP is a beneficial way of changing or turning off your negative internal dialogue, and the results are very fast, but it does not always work, this is because you have
some self sabotage some little secondary gain a benefit to keeping the problem.

EFT really comes into its own as you can remove these hidden drivers and get your subconscious control mind on your side, then the voices go away.

What appears as negative internal dialogue is not always so. Sometimes it may be giving you handy advice that if you took action, the problem would never arise. The difficulty for most people is knowing the difference, and that can quickly be learnt with practice.

So if you have negative internal voices that keep beating you up, that pull down your self-confidence, esteem or feelings of self-worth, you can do something about it, just imagine how different you will feel.