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Discover if emotional freedom techniques may help resolve your child's emotional problems and fears.

Emotional freedom techniques are being used more and more with children and are ideally suited for this. Being easy to use and also fun to do with kids, once they get the hang of it when they are of course old enough you may well find that they do it for themselves.

This, of course, has many advantages as they will learn from an early age how to remove their own fears, concerns, anxieties, worry and many other glitches that affect their parents. They won't have to go through what we did.

Emotional pain is part of learning how to survive in the world and can develop amazing talents and capabilities if handled correctly. They can learn self-control, confidence, respect, tenacity, self-concept and resilience and personal responsibility.

They will learn at an early age that they are responsible for their emotions, not anyone else.

You as a parent can use the basic drill with your child tapping or gently rubbing the points on your child's body, and if it's self, this can have beautiful results as it is pleasant for the child and parent.

Once your child is old enough to do it for themselves they may, however, still ask you to do it for them, such is life.

You can also do the EFT sequence on yourself for your child this is a form of "
Segregate EFT" where you tap your own points while thinking of your child, despite what you may currently believe this is an amazingly powerful and useful emotional freedom technique.

If done with correct energy, intent and state your child will feel far happier and more comfortable.


No one teaches us how to be good parents, it is a constant state of change and new learning and emotional development for us as well as the child, and we all mess up as parents. Using these techniques on yourself to allow you to adapt, change and grow as a parent will significantly help your child.

If we have an inner kid, then it equally applies to us, and we have many advanced techniques to assist your inner child to evolve and mature so that your emotions grow and develop as your child does.

Using ETF as a parent. On yourself.
This stage of our life is complicated, learning how to be a parent is a massive step in our development and any deficiencies in our character will only be magnified when we face the realities of parenthood. We teach our child much of what it learns in its early years and to avoid passing on our own fears and weakness is a vital part of parenthood.

The extra pain, fear, anxiety, worry, heartbreak, the sleep deprivation and total confusion that every parent experiences will have to be faced and being emotionally stable, healthy and happy will help to make the experience of raising kids far more pleasurable for the whole family.

Every parent is advised to get a copy of Duncan McColl’s
Understanding Parents MP3 available on our self-hypnosis page.