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Children Come First.

Children Come First.

I the UK we have a well-known personality who has a daily TV show. Each morning this guy talks at and with the audience about their problems, relationships and children. Don’t get me wrong he is a good guy, and the show is entertaining. Often he says “the children come first” the audience clap and agree with him.

Have you honestly thought about what would happen if you put the child first?
They would eat whatever they want becoming fat and overweight, take little exercise, spend hours on the internet or watch TV, never wash, and their bedroom will look like a bomb has hit it. They would miss school and only do what they wanted to, having little respect for adults and no self-discipline.

We would have kids becoming out of control and forming gangs and causing problems on our streets. Drugs and drinking would increase, and society would have many issues that would be difficult to solve due to the idiots who put forward this policy.

They would turn in to spoilt brats that cause distress and pain to their parent's teachers and society.
Worst than that society would put the child first, giving them rights without obligations and they will never learn that with actions comes responsibility.

This would lead to the police having little power, schools being unable to do their jobs and parents who cannot control their kids.

Worst would come, when we are older and have lost health or are on reduced incomes, these kids will now be healthy adults with no life skills or self-control they will be strong, and we will be weak.
Can you imagine the fear most elderly people would live in?

Thank God that people are not so dumb to really mean put the kids first. Anyone who understands children knows that as well as all the huggy feeling stuff they also need boundaries, discipline and control so that they can feel safe and grow into responsible, intelligent adults.

In my world, the adult comes first. When you do this some things happen. The adult is happier, less tired, more emotionally stable and closer to their partners. The home life for the kids is stable, and their safety is improved because they know the rules and boundaries and learn that actions have results.

This allows for a far more stable environment for children to learn and grow.

Just a thought.