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Microburst Habits. Unconscious competence.
Some considerations for health and lifestyle changes.

With practice, our brains and bodies are able to do some amazing things, when something becomes a habit and we become unconsciously competent our subconscious mind is able to run a habit faster so that it takes place in an instant and requires no conscious effort or thought.

Much of how we live and our lifestyle choices are made at this level.

When this happens, and we have learnt something so well that we have unconscious competence we no longer think about it and it becomes unconscious, all people who have a very high level of skill have this programme into them and no longer have to think about what they are doing in a given sport or activity.

When I was studying NLP with Dr Richard Bandler, he would often slow down someone so that he and they and we could become aware of what was taking place inside their minds, that way the process was known and we could mess with it so that the pattern of behaviour no longer ran the same way.

Last year I had a temporary glitch with riding my new road bike; eventually, I got it fixed in all it took about 24 hours to do all the bits and bobs that needed to be done, and the problem has never returned.

During the process of uncovering all the subconscious secondary gains that I was running, I also used what I call "microburst".

One morning I noticed that when I looked at the bike I got funny feelings, not pleasant and I got to thinking about what was going on?

I slowed me down and realised that a whole host of memories from the past and false ones I had created in the future, were firing off in a split second.

When I unravelled it all I was experiencing about thirty-seconds of negative stuff, suggestions and post-hypnotic commands all compressed or micro-burst into a split second.

As this had been done so many times in the past, I had developed unconscious competence, and it had speeded up so that the thirty seconds were compressed into an instant thought.

That was not going to help me with riding, so I cancelled all the crap and designed a new micro burst sequence for my subconscious mind to accept and fire off every time I looked at the bike or thought of going for a ride. I designed it to work on a smile and mental or physical image of the bike.

I ran it a few times, tweaked it, riding up hills, in bad winds, in the rain, butterflies, fluffy bunny rabbits, telling friends of how well I was doing, meeting new people while riding, smiling when I got a puncture and then commanded my boss, to speed it up so that it was a thought. Things soon changed and along with all the other stuff I was doing I was quickly riding and enjoying every peddle stroke.

I was out riding this morning when my mobile rang, I don't often answer my phone especially when I am having fun, but I noticed the call was from a friend of mine who is also a great therapist, so I took her call.

She was ringing to ask for some advice on a client of hers and as she told me the story for some reason microburst flipped into my mind. It soon became apparent that her client was doing what I had been doing with my bike. She had developed unconscious competence at being ill.

The idea may seem strange at first; however, it does seem that some people for whatever reasons might have developed an unconscious habit of being ill, for whatever reasons.

When I explained this to her, she was a little peeved. She asked me how my back was? A while back I had had a few glitches with my back, hips, knees and no matter what exercises or drills I did, it still bloody hurt, so much that I had stopped cycling.

It was not until my friend had asked me that question that I remembered a drill I had done. You see, for a while, I had forgotten that my back was terrible. I had been exercising, riding my bike, lifting weights, teaching martial arts and going for walks.

It wasn't until she asked how my back was that I realised that I had forgotten that I had a bad back. As I thought about it, I did remember doing a drill and had requested that my subconscious mind forget about the pain and over the next few days or so allow me to move more and without discomfort.

I had bought a half bottle of vodka and chosen to spend the night with my best friend (me) getting drunk, and when I wake up in the morning, I want to forget about all this pain and discomfort. It seemed to have worked, as I had woken up and forgotten entirely about my back issues.

This has got me thinking, and I have sent a Transderivational Search into my subconscious asking for information on other areas where I can use this. I have also been playing with microburst subliminal that seem to be doing some fun things, but that's another story.