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Why you should not use eft.
Why it may not be suitable or work for you.

EFT emotional freedom therapy and techniques are growing and growing fast, some of the results are amazing, some are almost miracles, outstanding and for some, nothing happens.

You know a bit like people who buy a gym membership and never use it. Most people who have had a burning desire to be free from pain or emotional suffering, who want to make a change in their life and want to move on and who do the drills intelligently get excellent results. BUT.

EFT for anyone who gets excellent results does have some potentially harmful side effects and these can change your whole life, the way you live, who you live with, your friends, your job, how healthy you will be and how you will live the rest of your life.

You may even lose yourself and transform into an entirely different person. Scary stuff, well for some.

These techniques can be dangerous for some as it means letting go of the known and often going into the unknown and maybe for the first time in their lives being responsible for themselves.

Last night I was watching a TV show that had the Dali Lama in it, it was about Buddhism. Close to the beginning of this show he said.

"You are your own master, future everything depends on your own shoulders, Buddha, responsibility just to show the path, that's all."

That about sums up what emotional freedom techniques are about, being personally responsible and taking active responsibility for your own life.

No one makes you happy, sad, depressed, miserable,
stressed, no one puts you for long, into fear, anxiety, worry or grief. No one makes you feel confident, or have high self-esteem or even makes you feel loved, or a success.

You do it all your self.

If these responses are not what you want, then it is your responsibility to find out what you must do to change your emotional responses, and then learn and practice and master the necessary techniques for change. If you choose not to, that's fine as well.

That's why EFT may not be for you, and maybe you should not use it. To go beyond just changing a little thing will require lots of self-honesty, coming out of denial, becoming a different person and accepting personal responsibility for yourselves, all of them.

You will no longer be able to blame anyone else for how you feel, you will no longer be able to blame circumstances, or education, or sex, or age. That may well scare the stuff out of many.

However, many will realise that it also means total freedom and maybe enlightenment. I personally think it is worth it, as you learn to love yourself more, so may you.

Just a thought.