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When EFT Does Not Work Why EFT may not be working for you.

What to look out for when you find that EFT is not working for you or your clients.

Emotional freedom techniques have received glowing praise for fast and effective personal change and the removal of extreme emotional responses. Tens of thousands of nasty life-sapping emotional garbage has gone from the planet and sometimes miracles seem to happen, always reasonable to expect miracles.

However, just as many people have had little or no result. So what is going on when this happens?

There can be many reasons why EFT does not seem to work, incorrect tapping (eft is not just about tapping, that's only a small part of it)

Non-specific setup statement. Negative expectation. Negative self-hypnosis and lack of knowledge and inexperience in using the techniques.

All these can and do play a part at one time or another and that's why visiting an advanced practitioner or having a Skype session with them can solve many problems and make things faster and easier for you.

We usually have three common problems when EFT does not work.
1. Subconscious incongruence. Writing on their walls.
2. Unrealistic expectations about the amount of work required.
3. Lack of preparation.

Let's start with Unrealistic expectations about the amount of work required.

Usually, when a client comes along for help, they have little understanding as to how their minds and emotions work, and many just don't want to know, expecting you to do all the work for them.

If this is a simple glitch and a one-off visit, this presents no problem, but for deeper problems or long-term issues often lots of work is required. It is almost as if they have taken a car to a garage to be fixed but when the mechanic looks at it and discovers it has never been serviced or had an MOT done or cleaned or even had the tire pressure checked.

A vehicle that has been treated this way is going to need some work done on it, and the owner will have to begin to take active responsibility for at least checking the tire pressure, and the fluid's on a weekly basis.

Often the presenting problem is not the problem when we start to dig and uncover the real problem a whole can of worms can open up.
Fear of flying is one such problem.

I have yet to come across someone who is terrified of an aircraft flying safely and as it was designed to do. The presenting problem what the client says is wrong.

This in its self is not difficult to solve you just fix it. EFT does give us a fast way of doing this, you may have a hundred things to fix but as a round of tapping with practice takes less than a minute,
one hundred minutes work to change your life over a week and you do have 1440 minutes in a day. Or stay as you are.

Tail-enders and subconscious incongruence.
Our subconscious control mind is a vast and powerful thing and not without intelligence. However, it does seem to have a few rules that we have become aware of.

Without training the interface is about that of a four-year-old. You can increase that age with a lot of self-understanding and work. But for most people, it is around that of a four-year-old.

It is run by the old parts of our brains the same as in reptiles.

It is logical, for its own rules and programs. The "
Writings on your Walls" your beliefs, habits behaviours opinions and what you have been socially, religiously or self-condition to be.

It can't tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

When we have glitches with Subconscious Incongruence, it is because at some level what you are consciously requesting or asking for as opposed to some rule or belief held by your control mind. If it runs the program, you are asking it will violate some other plan, and the system will crash.

No different from your computer where you have a conflict, and you need to update a program in your system. A
personal peace procedure is an excellent way of doing this for yourself.

Someone who wants to lose weight when you start playing, you discover that the last time they were at the weight they desire. The love of their life attacked some guy and ended up in prison, so at the back of their mind, their subconscious does not want them to lose weight because it is frightened that the same thing will happen again. Just secondary gain.

Emotional freedom techniques give us a great way to go in and update these programs so that
self-sabotage can be a thing of the past.

You can discover many of these conflicts by doing a good
ecology check before you tackle a significant change in your life as often this will save you a lot of time. I have done a series of articles about overcoming my old fears about riding a bike, that goes through the process.

Often when your emotional freedom techniques appear to be not working it is because of a lack of skill or experience and underlying factors, that when removed or changed will allow this fantastic system to get you the results you want. However, often you will have a little more work to do, you are worth it.