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Personal Training in
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Many people will download the EFT manual and begin to read it, and then start to use the techniques to remove some emotional problem they have in their life. Often they are very successful and are amazed that it was that easy. However, just as often it will not work as well as they desired.

So what went wrong.?
They need personal instruction and training in the use of this system.

As emotional freedom technology and therapy always has an effect, it is useful to look into what the person did.

Often they have not even finished reading the manual. Misunderstanding a vital part of the process. Due to lack of experience (remember reading a book once or twice will not make you an expert) they are unaware of the other aspects of personal therapy, that an experienced therapist knows.

In cases like this, it is beneficial to have a session with an experienced therapist who knows the system better than you, and this is the personal training I offer in Leamington Spa Warwickshire.

A chance for you to come along, tell me what you have done, successful or not and then go through you tapping and set up phrases. I can then advise you on how to make it more useful and powerful.

Many years ago I owned a lovely 5.3 V12 Jaguar, I used to work on the car and had all the manuals, belonged to the Jaguar owners club and knew a fair bit about the car.

One day we were driving down the slip road to get on to the M40 when the car stopped. Just stopped dead on the slip road.

I got out checked everything I knew, and the car just looked at me. So I called the A.A. in.

The nice man came, checked all my details, and went round to the rear of the car. Opened the boot, now what the hell has that got to do with the engine not working, I thought.

He fiddled for about a minute and asked me to “start the car, sir.”

It started, being curious I asked him how he knew what to do so quickly. You guessed it experience. Being a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, I wanted to know the unconscious processes he had used to fix my problem so quickly.

He was very willing.
It turned out that he had been to a few X.J.S cars that had broken down in the rain with electrical problems, on his way to me he noticed it was raining. When he went around the back of the car, he saw some rust in a specific place.

When he opened the boot, one of the computers that control the systems of the car is located under the rust spot. So he figured water had got in, and it had.

Even though I was actively involved with the car and was very well informed about it, it was no match for a man with the practical experience and advanced training he had.

So if your E.F.T. results are not as good as you had hoped for, and you live in Warwickshire, and you would like an experienced advanced practitioner of emotional freedom therapy, to look at what you do, advise you on how to make it more effective, and maybe fix the glitch for you.

Give me a call. Book yourself in for a session, it may save you months or even years of living with your problem.