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Practical Pessimism rehearsing the worst.

Many feel that thinking about all that can go wrong is negative thinking, it is not illogical to rehearse the worst and expect the best. The problem with life is stuff happens no matter how good you are the cosmic jester is still full of tricks, and sometimes things go wrong, and misfortune comes your way.

Look at how often your plans and goals don't turn out as you hoped. Just take your goals, for example, you desired to achieve something, once you completed them you were still not happy and just wanted more. There is a time to enjoy your achievements and have serenity and enjoy the life you have created.

One of the most useful techniques from stoicism is a negative rehearsal, contemplating all the bad stuff. This allows you to inoculate against misfortune, bad thing will happen in life and knowing what to do when it happens, you having rehearsed what to do and how to behave will take away many stresses and fears.

Along the way, you will have also recognised what problems will occur, and you took steps to have safeguards in place to minimise the damage. You have house insurance not because you want your house to burn down but if it does you can rebuild or replace any lost items.

You have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and just as important know how to use them and emergency torches in your home so that if unfortunate things happen, you have the resources to deal with it.

I trust you have also trained and your partner and children, if you have them, what to do.

Practical Pessimism or negative rehearsal or worst possible case scenario preparation lets you find out ahead of time what can or may go wrong and put in place resources to minimise the damage.

Through this mind game, you may even see problems that may occur and prevent them ever happening, and if they do, you will have the tools and equipment already at hand to solve the problem or minimise the damage.

This practice is not negative thinking; it is anticipation, it is a logical and rational technique that allows you to have a more prosperous life and minimise damage. It can be used not just with the physical; it is also critical to do this exercise with emotional and psychological thoughts and feelings.

Governments, racing drivers, airline pilots, emergency service personnel, businessmen and women and some switched on members of joe public all practice negative rehearsal.

There are many areas of life that this technique is useful for many interpersonal problems. If you still chose to go ahead, then you can minimise any damage.

It also has the benefit of allowing you to rehearse the worst possible case and develop Personal Resilience and discover that this is not the worst that can happen. And if it does, I know what to do. I will handle it.

Part of the benefits is also that you discover what is important to you, what is vital in your life. What you would miss when it is gone.

Remember nothing is permanent, everything you believe you own can be taken away from you. Everyone you care about will die. Practical pessimism, if used in these areas, will allow you to have greater joy with the things and people you currently value.

This allows you to realise and appreciate and have gratitude for the things you already have and, maybe you have forgotten the pleasures they bring. There will be the last day for everything. If you knew this was the last time. Would you value it more now?

Practising gratitude on a daily basis allows you to value all the things in your life, that if they were taken away, you would miss.

Practice problems and glitches ahead of time allowed the stoics to develop an attitude to life that is still beneficial today. Unless you live in certain hot spots your life is not as dangerous or difficult as their lives were.

They developed a way of thinking that minimised emotional pain and problems. They took away many of the stresses that they had no control over and could not influence.

So there is no point getting upset over something you can't change, that's a child's way of thinking.

One of the benefits of practical pessimism is that it also allows you to discover if a project or goal is worth the time effort and money, is it worth your life? Downline will it bring all the benefits you thought it would bring.

Often when you do this, you discover it is just not worth your life. This is part of having a considered life, a life worth living and something to be proud of.

Considering the risks involved in any project is time well spent. Just look at how many marriages end in divorce and financial ruin and emotional torture for many.

If they had done diligence on each other stood back until the madness of love had gone. Left a few years until they knew how their partner behaved under extreme stress and when they don't get there own way.

Would a business partner be an asset to the business if they were illogical, irrational and threw tantrums when they did not get what they wanted? So why would you have an emotional partnership with someone who behaved this way?

Good advice is to find the best divorce lawyer before they got married and paid for them to be on a retainer.

If you don't believe you need lawyers ahead of time, ask yourself why solicitors are involved at the end of emotional or business relationships. In business, before you get involved in a partnership, you or your lawyers will look into check and research your possible partner.

Business history, financial history, credit checks, researching on history, their results, success and failures. How much happier and peaceful our personal lives would be if we did this with emotional partners or someone we were considering as such.

Practical pessimism has many advantages in today's world. It will allow you to reduce your risks, and if things do go wrong, as they will instead of panic, getting stressed and worked up.

You know what to do. You have already been there.