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Removing Emotionally Painful Memories using EFT.

Are you having problems with painful emotional memories in your life? You know the kind of things that when you remember, or something reminds you, just feel terrible, and you fall to pieces?

You can get rid of emotional garbage from your past and get over past lovers, wives, girlfriends, business partners and those you have lost?

Something that happened to you like a death or divorce or in my case the death of my main dog and the loss of another.

I have been using EFT for about 12 years, and in the beginning just played along with it and used this system on my self and advanced clients and got excellent results.

However back then it was not my first choice in changing my responses to life. It's always easier to replace than, than bitch about how things should be and get all upset.

I had become very good at using NLP and hypnosis and I suppose back them fixing an emotional problem using emotional freedom techniques was not the first thing that came to mind.

I attended a course on EFT and went on to do the advanced course and am now an advanced practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques working in Leamington Spa Warwickshire.

The system is sold as simple to do, by anyone and with the attitude of trying it on anything by its creator Gary Craig,

Down the years we have found that for many things it works really well especially for removing emotionally painful memories from the past.

In NLP they are called anchors, the kind of things that sap your will and get you down, and seem entirely out of your control, they are not when you know what to do and do it.

Now, what eft does is still allow us to have the painful memory of what happened, but without the emotions attached to it. It seems to strip the feelings from memory.

So you keep the information, but it no longer affects you. So the memory is no longer painful.

Let me give you an example.
My old doggy woof JD. Yes, named after the drink.

Many years ago we needed to have JD put down. He was ill, and it was the kindest thing to do. I loved that dog, still, do. Yet whenever I looked at a picture or thought of him.

The pain was unbearable, and I would cry. Lots.

With the memory came painful emotions. Anger, grief, pain, fear, guilt, betrayal and significant loss. I was going through an exciting divorce at the time, so many other emotions were also involved.

This is something that our mind does when we remember anything it has to reconstruct the memory every time, and over time our subconscious mind will often load other emotions into the brew.

I wanted to remember the good and the great times I spent with my dog. As a puppy when he used to swim in his water bowl. Playing with him, sleeping with him, cuddling up to him on the sofa, running and sparing with him. All the wonderful times.

I made a decision that I wanted all those thousands of beautiful memories to be in my life again, without the painful emotions surrounding his death.
But the painful emotions stopped me from ever getting to them. So I decided to use EFT and bring back all the lovely memories so that I could enjoy them.

I also realised that through doing so I would learn much and gain a lot of personal insight as to what other events were going on at the time and along the way let go of any bad feelings I had about the divorce. Letting go of resentment and feelings of pain from your life does great things. Going through any kind of loss creates thousands of harmful unhelpful emotional bubbles that it is very beneficial to burst.

This sometimes presents a glitch, as you really have to take on board one of EFT's principles.

Love accept and appreciate myself. Otherwise, why would you do it? If you are not worth it?

It took about a week doing work on me every day ten to fifteen minutes a day. From my first session with me, I felt better, by the end of the week I was able to watch DVD’s I had of him and look at pictures. I now have all those thousands of wonderful memories back in my life.

A big plus is also that all the events that were taking part around the indent are also pleasant.