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Emotional Freedom Therapy and Techniques contains a beautiful tool, a "Personal Peace Procedure," Garry Graig has given the world a fantastic bit of kit to help resolves past issues emotions and memories so that they no longer affect our lives, and we are no longer victims to our selves.

Much of what happened to us in the past still affects us on a daily basis due to the nature of our subconscious minds and resolving any real or imaginary wrongs will dramatically change how we are today.

Much of how we are is the result of things gone before and if you find yourself easily triggered or having illogical and over emotional responses. The emotional triggers may well be from your past.

The idea is not new, many schools, religions and mental and emotional training systems have used a similar process to allow people to become emotionally mature and at cause in their lives, Garry just got the idea out to tens of thousands of more people, and for that, he deserves full credit.

Some common problems with doing a Personal Peace Procedure (PPP)
The process may seem long winded and time-consuming if that is your first response tap on it.

You have some unconscious incongruencies maybe secondary gain running as to why you feel that making your life a far better place for you to live in is not worth your time.

The few hours you will spend on it is well worth the time, and it will only affect the rest of your life.

Somethings take time, and you have done many of these, moving house, finding a job, having a baby, getting a degree, planning a wedding, decorating you did all these, and they took far longer than doing a PPP.

So if the
little voices and funny feelings are firing up, get these sorted first, you have some secondary gain or subconscious incongruence running. Focus on the "I love, accept and appreciate myself" part of your set up statement.

It is a good idea to add "and forgive myself for; however, I contributed to the events".

I like to think of a PPP as a virus scanner, defrag and repair program that goes looking for problems that are affecting our body-mind-emotional and energetic systems. It finds glitches that are messing up what our computer is doing today, here and now.

If we want things to work effectively and smoothly, then we have to do regular maintenance checks with our computer, the same with our brains and energetic systems. A personal peace procedure is the first step, and it makes sense to do it regally at least three or four times a year.

So how do you do a Personal Peace Procedure?
The first thing to do with a general PPP, you can also do them with specific problems. Is to make a list of all the events in your life that you still have some emotional pain or discomfort with, I like to use mind maps as they allow my ideas and feeling to flow and uncover many more problems and associations.

If you do this with full commitment, you may well come up with hundreds of things that you are still holding on to, and that's ok. Better to know that your computer has a few hundred viruses that need removing than have it crash three or four times a day.

Start with a statement of intent, you are telling yourself what you will do and what will happen. So maybe something like " I am going to discover over the next hour what may be limiting my full enjoyment in life, it will be easy, and I will discover much about myself so that I can be free from the past and the past can be free from me."

Let your memories and ideas flow and just jot them down, you can get specific later. For those of you who like lists. You can look for stuff in these areas I personally want to have three, one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. Why the future? Because we are creating our prospects now, and I intend to make mine as much fun as possible.

You are looking for any hurts, disappointments rejections anything that has an emotional charge. If we are honest with ourselves, the people who have hurt us the most are the people who are closest to us, and often it goes back to our younger years when we were children.

Children operate on an entirely different set of rules, they are needy, dependent, have a great fear of abandonment, insecure, over emotional and have little understanding of the world. Does this sound like some adults? It may give a lead as to why they are this way.

So maybe finding
your inner child and educating it, correcting misunderstanding you had, so that is always a right place to start. When we do this, we discover much about ourselves and the nature of relationships with people we love, whatever that means to you.

So, begin with your Family.
Mum, dad, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, grandparents.

School and friends.

Relationships. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Lovers. Wives. Mistresses. Casual relationships and sexual pleasures and encounters.

Regrets. Missed Opportunities. Guilt. Wrongs you have done to others. Real or Imaginary. Wrongs were done to you. Real or Imaginary. Things that you have chosen to believe and the assumptions you have made about your world.

When someone tells me of the problems they are having with others.
I always ask. "Now, tell me the other person's side of the story". What do you do to contribute to the situation?

Look at current problems you are having with your partners or children or relatives, or your boss or employees, or your next-door neighbour, anything that is messing with you. That will give you a good start.

Many of our problems are interrelated, and we often have many symptoms that will go when we begin to work on ourselves, often in therapy, you can fix a problem, and something else will go.

I remember years ago helping a client with arthritis when they got the results they wanted, they also let me know that their tinnitus had gone, this happens a lot and is to be expected.

A while back I had glitches
riding my new bike I did a PPP on this and ended up fixing emotional problems, misunderstanding and resentments I had with my parents all my life.

So you now have a mind map or list of many concerns, worries misunderstanding or emotional problems that cause you some kind of emotional glitch. Possibly hundreds of them, now its time to begin to take off the emotional charge, so they no longer affect you in your everyday life.

To begin with, it may seem daunting. However, you are worth it. Start anywhere just start to clear the undergrowth, choose a problem, notice its intensity and work with it until you have got it down to zero, then move on to the next.

After a few goes, you will begin to notice that other glitches you discovered, when you come to work on them, have gone. Without you doing anything, this is part of
clearing the undergrowth. As I mentioned, many of our emotional problems are interrelated.

Do a few a day, (
remove a thousand problems a year) if you are really committed to yourself spend an hour a day helping the most important person in your life to become happier and heal on all levels.