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Personal Responsibility.
Do You Except it or Blame Others?

Personal Responsibility. Who else if not you.
A big challenge for some people who want to make changes in life and it does not matter if it is losing weight and building a fantastic body, completing a marathon or just improving your income being happy and having great relationships is accepting personal responsibility for our lives.

What we feel and think and our emotions.

It often involves some significant changes in how we think and feel as we have been conditioned since birth to conform and play it safe, we are also for a variety of reasons programmed to believe that others are responsible for much of how and who we are, and to the degree that is true.

Parental, social, religious, educational and of course what we have chosen to believe all play their part in who we are.

However, as an adult, it is your responsibility to control and direct your own mind and emotions. When we realise this, we often have many things to let go of and some reality checking to do to grow and create a much more enjoyable lifestyle.

That is one of the beauties of emotional freedom techniques, you are responsible for doing your drills. No one else, just you.

It's very similar to when you buy a computer, and if you are smart, it will be a mac. It comes from the factory with many programs already installed, you can basically start using it right away. However, you may not like the way it is set up.

So what do you do, you change it to the way you want. Now, you may have to spend time doing this, you may have to learn what to do to have different screensavers or music on it, you may even have to buy and install new programs to get it the way you want.

One of the things that are advisable is to clean all the stuff out that the manufacturer installed, so it usually involves a few hours of cleaning to free up the hard drive even on a new machine. You may also have to spend a great deal of time downloading updates.

So how does this relate to accepting personal responsibility for your mind, body, emotions and yourself?

Well, we all know people who have not bothered to learn even basic stuff on a computer, they will get someone in to set it up and do all this for them, and that's ok.

It's a bit like hiring an EFT practitioner. We come in, fix the glitch, and away we go, however, unless you also know how to maintain the system you will run into problems later on and will forever be calling us back in. That's the first part of personal responsibility.

A friend of mine is a computer troubleshooter he recently told me a fascinating fact. Ninety per cent of all the problems he comes across is caused by one major component.

The part between the chair and keyboard. In personal change work, we have a similar problem, which is why my angle is also to teach my clients what button to press and what to avoid doing, so life can be more comfortable.

This is the first in a series of articles about personal responsibility and how to reclaim your power in life and how to remove any problems that you may have been unwittingly creating.

As they are written the links will appear below. Advanced EFT, of which this attitude is a part is about allowing people to have a far better quality of life and remove past conditioning or factory installed programs parental, religious, educational, social and of course programs that you may have installed.