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EFT and Fixing Travel Glitches.
Using emotional freedom techniques to dissolve fears and anxieties about travel.

EFT and Fixing Travel Glitches.
Using emotional freedom techniques to dissolve fears and anxieties about travel.

I recently went to Prague for a week. A friend of mine was having an operation and asked me to come along to look after him if things went wrong.

The last operation he had things has gone very wrong, and he felt that he needed me there just in case.

Thankfully all went well he spent one day in intensive care and was out of hospital two days later.

So what has this got to do with "eft" and removing worry and anxieties?

Initially, the thought of this trip did not fill me with joy, the truth was I was feeling worried about it, and I asked my friend to give me a couple of days to think about it.

The thoughts and emotions that came up when I ran through a week with an obese, self-opinionated, loud, embarrassing drama queen who moves through the world like a bull in a china shop were not pleasant, and he "snores like an elephant".

Thoughts of the operation going wrong and all the problems of looking after a guy like this who is also ill, in pain and frightened were horrific.

What if he died? Getting his body back to the UK would be interesting.

I also have a few physical injuries that I am working to overcome, walking is difficult, and Prague has a lot of walking on cobblestone roads and pavements, so this will hurt like hell.

The flight may also be painful due to a spinal injury I had some time ago. The last time I flew with my friend in a microlight I had helped him to build, my back had gone into spasm, that was an exciting flight.

Things were not looking good.
However, I realised that this was also a "rare and unprecedented opportunity" to test myself in the field and learn some cool things about me and along the way get out of some comfort zones.

Also, my friend needed me, and down the years he has been a terrific friend and is very important to me.

So I let my mind run wild, imagining all the things that could go wrong, all the cock-ups. Everything that could go wrong I thought about.

This an excellent stoic practice called "Practical Pessimism." A genuinely fantastic technique that fits in well with emotional freedom techniques.
It allows you to identify the real or imaginary problems, put in place ways to deal with and minimise the risks and along the way as I did discover some glitches.

"Never act without purpose and resolve, or without the means to finish the job". Marcus Aurelius.

It's a sort of personal peace procedure for what may be. Unlike other occasions when I play with me, I decided not to use any mind maps and write nothing down, apart from what needed to be done for the trip to Prague.

I also made the decision that when in Prague I would only use the EFT tapping sequence twice and would not argue with or allow my friend to fire off any of my emotions, I would be in control of me and my emotional responses.

That after all is what emotional freedom techniques are all about.

So the first thing I did after agreeing to the trip was to send a list of what I would require for me to make the journey with him.
All expenses on him.
I need a passport.
£40 a day spending money.
Travel insurance.
All his contact and next of kin details.
Flight details.
Hospital details.
Hotel details.

That was easy, now everything else is down to me.
You will remember that I let my mind run wild with all the negative possibilities of what could go wrong.

This may seem a strange thing to do. However, it is a good idea to know what can go wrong so that you can prepare for it, plan for it, and see what you will do it handle it if it happens.

It is also an excellent way to find your own secondary gain and engage your reality checker in discovering if the fears are real or imaginary, stuff you are making up.

Many of our fears are not real. They are other things.
False expectations appearing real.
False evidence appearing real.
Scared inner kid.
Secondary Gain.

With practice, emotional freedom techniques will allow you to do this and just turn off the emotions so that you can get to what really needs to be done. Stripping out all the garbage so that you can be far more effective.

I realised that most of what was causing my emotional wobbles, I could control, it was down to me to handle it.

I decided to enjoy the trip.

So a round of EFT was in order.
"Even though at the moment I am having a few small glitches about going to Prague. I choose to enjoy the trip and learn from each experience so that I will learn more about me, and along the way have more fun."
That was basically it, sorry folks. While there and along the way I did have to do some other stuff.

Sometimes things you thought you had fixed will reappear, so you just set them.
Walking to the aircraft, I did get a pang of panic.
I hit my panic button, it turned off.
A twang of panic on Prague metro, I used to have claustrophobia. It turned off.
On Charles Bridge, I was in a lot of pain and decided to do my drills.
I hallucinated doing them and forgot all about the pain.

5 seconds of drills and no problem that may sound far-fetched.

I also did spend about 60 seconds on other stuff.
Micro-burst hypnosis.
Turning off negative internal dialogue.
Self-hypnotic suggestions.
What if frames.

EFT can be amazingly fast and effective in dealing with life's glitches and is a fantastic tool for self-discovery, It's part and parcel in learning about yourself and becoming responsible for you. You do have to practice and decide to use it and have unrealistic expectations.

When you do that some really cool things can happen and along the way you can have more fun and excitement and lots of new experiences.

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible".
St. Francis of Assisi.

My friend is recovering well, and I had an amazing week. Learnt lots of cool things, Had great food, some fantastic beer, meet many stunningly beautiful women and saw a few lovely buildings and amazingly beautiful cars.

I decided to milk this rare and unprecedented opportunity for all it was worth, I am glad I made the decision. Master your basic EFT drills, and you can do the same.

If you get the chance to go to Prague, it is a lovely place.