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EFT to Rid Your Self of Procrastination.
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Emotional Freedom Techniques are some of the most effective for ridding yourself of Procrastination.

Many people have great difficulty in getting stuff done and keep putting things off. Procrastination is a big part of many peoples lives and a constant friend.

Yet they never seem to Procrastinate about Procrastination.

If they just put off putting it off, they would get stuff done. Hundreds of books have been written, and we have thousands of web pages on the subject. They all say they will help and teach you how to get stuff done. Very few works as well as EFT.

Many of the techniques will work if you do them but guess what. They don't teach you how to be in control of your thoughts and emotions. They show you great stuff for when you are in control, but they usually don't work until you have this control and self-awareness.

Most will never get the results because they never start, they procrastinate. We all put things off, stuff we know we must do, we should do, we ought to, I am going to.

But we get voices in our heads telling us things like I don't want to, I'll do it later, or we get in self-sabotage mode. Making up all kinds of excuses and excuses are just lies we tell ourselves and choose to believe.

Procrastination is just subconscious glitches, a part of your unconscious wants different things. Maybe you are incongruent about your plans, or a younger you are concerned with the results you may get.

What if I fail or succeed, what will people think, who will I make angry or upset at some level we have fear, We also get those emotions, ever decided to do something like taking responsibility for eating and exercising and becoming healthier?

Suddenly you get little pangs, funny feelings in your body, usually along with your internal dialogue. Not lovely sensations in your body. These will stop you from ever getting started. You may even commit to doing, and a few days later you forgot to do it.

Worry, fear, anxiety or feelings of "What's the point." It is almost as if you don't really want to do it. Let’s get real if you did indeed want to do it, you would have done it.

We demonstrate what is essential in our lives by what we do. Not what we say.

So some part of you, some part of your brain does not want to do this thing. A portion of you is stopping you from doing what you consciously say you want to do. Some part of you is sabotaging you from having fuller emotional control in your life and getting things done. Do you want to know what it is?

Welcome to the world of your subconscious, secondary gain and subconscious incongruence and self-sabotage.

For now just consider that if you are putting things off that you consciously say you need to do or want to do and find yourself procrastinating then at some level of mind you really do not want to do it, some part of you is fighting against it at a subconscious level.

If you like the metaphor, your inner child is scared or frightened to do it. Some part of you're programming is against it for strong emotional reasons, that to it is sound and valid.

They may be things you have conditioned yourself to believe, or just as likely they are old outdated programs and beliefs from others. Now, if you choose to be a success is the time to develop self-discipline, but only if your goals are worth it, many are not.

Much of who and what you believe, you did not choose for yourself. You can change this, and emotional freedom techniques are a great way to do this. Simple to learn, easy to use on yourselves and you become responsible for your own growth and development.

EFT is a potent tool for dealing with procrastination and getting stuff done. When you get your subconscious control mind on your side when it wants the same as you consciously desire most of the time you get it.

Or you could just put it off again. But what would be the benefit in that?
Well unless you develop the self-awareness
LOT'S AND LOTS of benefits.
Well to a different part of you.