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Self Sabotage.

In emotional freedom therapy.

Self Sabotage is merely is subconscious protection. Well, not really.

As "The Doctor" says."It's not like that but if it helps".

Not as bad as it may at first appear, your control mind the part that handles the show is attempting successfully to protect you from some pain or injury. Real or imaginary.

As my
Prague trip pointed out to me, many of the things I was worried over, were just imaginary the real ones could be taken care of.

Something that at an unconscious level is saying. "Hey, if I do this I will suffer emotionally or physically we don't want that. I will take control and make this person avoid doing this".

It can for example decide that you being wealthy is a bad thing because your friends or family may feel bad, because they have not done the same, or just think of all the tax you will have to pay, or people may not like me, or the imaginary man in the sky will get annoyed.

Then you will unlikely be wealthy, and if by some role of the dice you win the lottery, you may be broke in a few years. Many salespeople reach a ceiling on income, once they do a thorough personal peace procedure and uncover their glitches around wealth. They attract more income.

subconscious control mind will make up deliberate lies for doing it. It does have the cognitive interface of a four-year-old after all. So making things up and fantasy and avoidance are easy for it. That's why many excuses when questioned are illogical, and a kid made up the excuses.

If you have children or were ever one, you will be aware of the lies, and illogical excused they make up on a daily basis. Many adult children have been known to do the same.

I will make them forget, make up excuses, and get them to lie to themselves and do all manner of things to allow them to have reasons to avoid doing this. An
ecology check or the Practical Pessimism exercise will help to expose these.

We sometimes get this with clients who have forgotten to do their drills for the past week, or makeup memory problems so they can't remember the order of tapping.

Little voices in their minds, turn off their reality checker and create nasty little emotions that will drive them away from what they are consciously deciding.

So it does have a positive intent that's the good news. So there is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken. You just up until now have never learnt to control your responses.

Bottom line. Your thoughts, your emotions, you are responsible for them.

The bad news is that unless you deal with subconscious incongruency, then you may well be subject to years of self-sabotage and procrastination when you keep shooting yourself in the foot and making all kinds of excuses for not achieving your goals and dreams.

Just like a computer you have been programmed since birth to be a certain way so that you do all the things and behave in ways that usually allow you to live in whatever society or group you end up being around.

Great stuff but rules change and time move on, and you grow up and your life changes. These
"Writings on Your Walls" unless you become aware of them will affect how you live today and tomorrow.

The stuff, your subconscious mind goes through to find out what rules you live by often, are years out of date. Many are also rules you made up when you were younger and did not know how things work.

For many years therapy had a glitch unless you were lucky enough to be helped by someone who knew what they were doing. Many times what should have worked, didn't. It was as if the persons own mind was stopping them from achieving their outcome, it was.

You may have wondered what rubbing the sore spot when you do your left drills is all about. Well, it's there to begin to turn off the psychological reversal, so that you can get the results you want. That's why often when you have been doing it for a while, you sometimes notice that rubbing your sore spots is all it takes to get rid of a problem.

So Psychological Reversal and Procrastination and Self Sabotage all have a positive intent at a subconscious level of mind. Emotional freedom techniques give you some fantastic tools for changing this situation and becoming congruent with yourselves so that all parts of your brain are singing to the same tune.

You now have a way of updating the old software and programming yourselves in the way you desire. You will have to do some personal work and develop self-honesty and awareness. It's only going to affect the rest of your life.

self sabotage can be a very good thing to discover.