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Paul's Videos.
Personal thoughts on EFT NLP Hypnosis Martial Arts and Life.

Hi, below are you tube videos associated with me and this EFT website.

Problems being at University.
Many new students have problems while being at university, you can now get help.
Excel At Sport. Sport Self Hypnosis MP3 download.
Inner Child. Don't let your Inner Kid run your life.
When you are exploring yourself and learning to control and master your own mind and emotions especially if using EFT you very quickly realise that being like a child is not a great thing to do.
Getting Down To Study.
Help I Can't Study.
I am sabotaging myself when I study, I just don't want to do it and make excuses.
Welcome to Advanced EFT Leamington Spa.
Help with exam nerves and anxiety.

Habits and autopilot responses.
How to do basic eft tapping and sequences.
Glass Walking Warwickshire Hypnosis.
Paul's Flight.
Control Your fear Headstand on broken glass 1
Broken Glass Headstand Indoors.